Getting ready for NYC

Starting from the 3rd May 2016 I will be setting off on my adventure to the big apple, with boyfriend in hand and my limited luggage hoping to find work and stay for six months.

Ever since my father took me to New York when I was 12 years old I was completely amazed by the big magical city, and as soon as I got back to Sheffield I knew I wanted to live in NYC, if only for a short period of time. Luckily in 2013 I met someone who also had the same dreams as me. Cal is my boyfriend of nearly three years, and is a well-traveled individual, having lived in Atlantic City before, and his origin being Romanian and Hungarian, he has experience with different cultures and environments. We decided together one evening (while watching The Amazing Spiderman) to try out living the high life in New York City, Brooklyn. However I had to finish my degree in Business Management and Finance first and foremost. Nearly a year later, we have booked our tickets and will be setting off in less than 4 weeks times.

Having just graduated I am a bit unaware about what profession I am going to take in the future, so will probably find work in a cafe or coffee shop while I am over there (hopefully) having worked in a sandwich shop for three years in Sheffield, I’m hoping that it won’t be much different in NYC and can pick it up easily.

However my real passion in life is, of course, fashion and all things beauty! So while hopefully working I will be blogging at the same time, about style and beauty. High street and designer! Another new obsession of mine recently is all things detox, detox tea, detox diets and detoxing in general! I’ll be posting regular updates about anything I can to do with these topics while I am in New York.

I’ll be posting as much as I possibly can in the next few months, thanks for reading, and keep checking for updates.



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