TK Maxx all the way!

It wasn’t till recently that I discovered how AMAZING TK Maxx is for designer items, not only with clothing but with make-up products too.

Now, some stores are better than others, I have three in my Local area and I have purchased some amazing items! From clothing to make-up and everything in between, all it takes is a little patience and having an eye for this sort of stuff.

My all time favourite thing I found in TK Maxx from ‘My Burberry’ by Burberry 90ml perfume, that also came with ‘My Burberry’ wash oil. Originally this was on my wish list for Christmas, but there was a problem with the order and my item was never posted to me. So when I saw this in TK Maxx for more than half the price my jaw nearly dropped, I made a B line to it and ran straight to the cashier and never looked back!

Other purchases from TK Maxx include; LOADS of luxury day and night creams, shampoo and conditioners, make-up brushes, nail polish, gym gear and all sorts of clothing, from hats to underwear. Most of them being designer brands, with a high original retail price but a very low TK Maxx price.

Brands including; Burberry, Calvin Klein, D&G, Elizabeth Arden, Hugo Boss, Kate Spade,  Kurt Geiger, L’Oreal, Timberland, Valentino, Vera Wang, and MANY more.

At the moment I am really loving their different range of bedding, I recently purchased a white 300 thread count Hugo Boss duvet set. Down from £180 to £49.99, this is brilliant for people who don’t always have the funds to purchase from the original designer stores.

I’d suggest when you have spare time to pop into a TK Maxx and spend some quality time looking through the isles and I guarantee you’ll find something to suit 🙂

Till next time –


Vera Wang and Timberland
‘My Burberry’


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