Ever since being a little girl I have always been known to sleep talk, sleep walk and have CRAZY dreams. I was always told by my parents that I would grow out of this, but no, still to this day I am up to my old tricks nearly every night, and more often than not I can have up to 5/6 very vivid dreams a night. (which I can tell Cal about in detail most mornings)

As we all know, there is meant to be some hidden meaning with every dream we have and everything we dream about can mean something different, for example; I used to have a lot of dreams about teeth falling out (this was especially a reoccurring dream when I had my brace on, back in the day) when I researched this I found that this ‘could’ mean a number of different things. There were negative meanings but also positive meanings.

A fear of becoming older, or insecurities about loss, such as losing someone important to you, or it could mean a need or wish to nurture yourself more or signs of a personal expansion. Of course this could be a total load of BS, but if you are into dream reading, you can find a lot of information about yourself and why you dream what you do.

If you’re into dream reading like I am, there are loads of sources that you can read up on to look more into it, first and foremost would be checking it out on the internet, simply by writing in the google box what you have dreamed, but then they are a number of different books and articles that you can buy.

A few of my personal favourites are; (which can all be bought online from Amazon or Goodreads)

+  12,000 Dreams Interpreted: A New Edition for the 21st Century – Gustavus Handyman Miller, Linda Shields, Lemore Skomal

+ Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming – Stephen Laberge

+ Dreaming Yourself Awake – Alan Wallace

I love interpreting my own dreams, it’s a hobby of mine which doesn’t take up much time, but just a little researching and reading. Also finding out why you are dreaming certain subjects can help you to find out more about yourself and change things that you might want changing or accomplish something that you’ve wanted in a while. However there can be a bad side to dreams, certain dreams of mine can stick with me and linger all day, making me see things differently or question everything, remind yourself that they are ‘just’ dreams and aren’t real life and can’t affect you unless you want them too.

Till next time…… dream well





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