Happy Detoxing

If you had a peak in my kitchen cupboard there’s one thing for sure you are guaranteed to find, LOADS of tea! I’m definitely not saying that I don’t love an iced mocha or skinny macchiato every now and then, but there’s something about herbal/detox teas that makes my tummy feel very happy.

Green, Jasmine Blossom, Peppermint and so on are great alternative to a calorific Starbucks Hazelnut Latte, however to top it off, detox tea is even better!!! Now all the websites and advertisements say it’s a great way to lose weight, this isn’t exactly true, detox tea mixed with eating less and moving more is definitely going to help you shred a few pounds. Drinking 10 cups of detox tea a day and not moving a finger isn’t going to do anything other make you go to the toilet…..a lot.


If you’re thinking of going on a detox cleanse here’s a few tips and tricks to help you along the way.

  1. Set yourself a goal. I am in the middle of a 21 day cleanse, I’ve not set it longer than that because I know there’s no way I can go months on end without a glass of prosecco with the girls! Twenty One seems to be suiting me fine (8 days to go, woo)
  2. Get going with a dairy. If you’ve ever been ‘lucky’ enough to carry my bag, you will know that it weighs a ton, (poor Cal has had to carry this very often around Meadowhall), two of my items in my bag are diaries, one is for inspiration with fashion and the other is a food diary, with my favourite recipes, cook books, and a list of the food and drinks I have every day, this is a great way to keep an eye on what you eat.
  3. Drink a detox tea three times a day. I tend to drink my first detox tea in the morning before I do anything else, my second will be in the afternoon around lunch time, even before or after eating, and my last one will be a few hours before I go to bed. In-between all this I will drink original tea, either Mint or Jasmine Blossom.
  4. I have recently decided to substitute my lunch time meal for a homemade smoothie, and I’ve also found out that Flax seeds are an amazing source of fibre so I add a few spoonfuls of this into each smoothie.
  5. When it gets to tea time I’m usually ready for something more substantial, if I’m very good and have a salad I tend to add some hummus and seeded crackers on the side, or I will do a Roast dinner with lots of fresh vegetables (I try to not boil the vegetables for very long and use the water they boil in to make my gravy) another option that you could give a go, is a homemade chilli and use Quorn mince instead, its full of high protein content but has low saturated fat.
  6. OOOOOPSS I forgot to mention the DREADED BREAKFAST! Lets get one thing straight….I am not a breakfast person, yeh yeh I know it’s the most important meal of the day (as my mum says) but if you are anything like me and find it hard to stomach anything in the morning I have a good alternative to try, apart from my detox tea, I may have a cup of hot water and lemon, or I will have a cereal bar, any that tickle my fancy, because my 21 day cleanse doesn’t involve chocolate I’ve had to stay away from any cereal bar with chocolate in (humph) but there’s plenty of substitutes with lots of calcium, fibre and nutrients!

At the moment my favourite detox tea is FTT (Flat tummy tea)  just type this into google and it will pop up, if you sign up and order tea they will remind you of any discounts they have going on. However if you type ‘detox tea’ into any search bar or even eBay lots of other teas will come up for you to choose from, it’s just a matter of reading and finding out which suits you best.


You may have noticed that I haven’t mentioned about what exercise I do, I’ll write a new blog soon on my favourite ways to move around and lose the pounds, so be sure to check in soon!

Happy detoxing 🙂


p.s – A great place to find weird and wonderful types of tea is actually TK Maxx!!!!!! Want to learn more about TK Maxx check out my blog ‘TK Maxx all the way’ 😉

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