The Perfect Nails, Love From Mint

Two things I look at first when talking to a friend or even a complete stranger are their teeth and their nails! (if it’s a guy I might take a quick look at what sort of shoes they have on as well, soz boys its just habit)

There’s nothing more beautiful than beautiful well-kept, CLEAN, shiny nails! Its says something about a person’s whole character! Personally most of the time I love having a colour on my nails, whether its black or an outgoing super bright pink, but on the other hand (excuse the pun) there is nothing more sophisticated and simply gorgeous about well-groomed clear nails with a glistening glow of clear nail polish (ooooohhhhhh yeah)

For the past year I have been juggling from having clear clean nails or having Gels, I really try to not have Gels on every three weeks as rumour has it that they aren’t the best for your nails, so taking a break in the middle of getting them re painted is highly recommended (by me anyway).

However my favourite part of Gels is picking the colour, I always seem to go with the seasons, with a mixture of what mood I am, with a bit of pre planing if I have any birthdays or parties and what colour dress I will be wearing. This time around I went with just a simple black, black goes with everything! And its flattering for the fingers (if that’s a thing?) and no I’m not saying its suits the person I am inside, I just think black can be very suiting.


If you’re a ‘Sheffielder’ then the best place I would recommend to go is Mint in Meadowhall, however there are many more Mint stores across the country. They usually can get you in exactly when you want, and even walk in’s are possible.

To take off the Gels it can take a bit longer, although just to go in and have them applied can take no longer than 17 minutes (timed by me) and you walk out with dry and gorgeous nails, no smudging and no worrying about not being able to touch anything for hours!

Now I understand that everyone has a different preference to what they like, some like long nails, some like short, round, square, multicoloured, etc etc. One thing that is crucial is giving them a good scrub, I tend to do this before I go to Mint, with some hot water and a good old-fashioned nail brush, just because obviously in the beauty bar they can’t wash your hands. I love to have little prep before I head on down to get my nails polished, also it saves the embarrassment of having to turn up with dirt and all sorts under your nails for them to pick out with a stick! Eww.

So remember girls (and boys?) make them nails look pretty, you don’t know how many people are looking 😛

Till next time




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