My Top Three Favourite Lipsticks

I remember when I was younger and I used to think that only older women wore lipstick, I remember thinking that it was forbidden to be used by ‘children’. I use to play around with my mums Clarins red lipstick and think it was something from yesteryears!

Now red lipstick is SO in, and is trending all over the globe by celebrities, including Taylor Swift, who FYI, wears Ruby Woo B85 by Mac for any Swiftie’s out there. Also this lipstick smells absolutely bloody amazing, I literally could eat it! It’s the best red matte lipstick I have bought (so far) but I do suggest buying a lip liner that matches to really lock in the colour!


Then when I hit my young teenage years it was all about the lipgloss, I’m not saying that at the time I didn’t enjoy my Natural Collection by Boots lipgloss, but as I’ve gotten older there is something about a gorgeous designer lipstick that has me weak at the knees.

There are so many which I would love to talk about, I could go on and on, but I’ve managed to whittled it down to my favourite three that I love at the moment.

Number One has got to be the first designer lipsticks I ever bought, the Burberry Kisses – Rose Pink No.33, complimented with the Burberry Lip Definer – Dusty Rose No 02. This lipstick is effortlessly brilliant, add one layer for an understated luminosity or add an extra two of three layers for more of an intense depth and vibrancy.  This signature lipstick consists of rosehip, tea and lavender and glides on so easily, I absolutely love this colour and texture. Add this with a little lip liner, the Dusty Rose Burberry lip definer matches perfectly, and is known for its ultra soft touch and its creamy texture. Its qualities are threefold, either for a simple lip liner, as an all-over base before you apply your lipstick or use it all over as a lip colour on its own, which I seem to be doing even more recently. I bought this lipstick from Harrods for £25.00 and the lip liner being £18.50


Number Two on my list is Rouge Dior – Soufflé Nude No. 417. I first saw this being advertised on Jennifer Lawrence and I fell completely in love. Usually when you see lipstick on a celebrity either in a fashion mag or on the tele you think it is never going to look like that on you, but with this lipstick its everything it says it is on the box! Just like Dior in general, whether a bag or a beautiful pair of shoes it screams out that you are THE ultimate chic. This lipstick has a sensual lip care texture that leaves your lips not just kissable but feeling great. I bought this lipstick from House Of Fraser for £26.50, and I’ve have not regretted it since. With this colour its’s perfect to apply along side a nude lip liner, but because of its glossiness I usually wear it without and quickly apply it at home on my way out or in my car just before meeting the girls.


My third and final lipstick was difficult to choose and I ended up wishing I’d done ‘My Four Favourite lipsticks’  instead of only three, however I finally made a decision and chose my Chanel Rouge Coco in the colour Roussy No.426 along side Chanel’s Le Crayon Levrès Lip definer in colour Rose Délicat No 91. This has got to be one of my favourite birthday presents from my Dad, I’m sure he’d be happy to know this ha! This colour is brilliant for summer, and as my birthday is in August it went down very well so daddy definitely got some brownie points. This is Chanel’s iconic lipstick, but its been reinvented to give you a sensational feeling to your lips and to keep them hydrated all day. This lipstick comes in 24 different colours to suit any season of the year, so if you’re not into pinks unlike me, there are loads more for you to choose from. After applying this gorgeous lipstick trace your lips with Chanel’s lip definer, using the Rose Délicat (which of course also comes in many different shades) this will perfectly define your lips and will leave a semi-matte line that stays impeccable and precise all day long (take it from me). Seen as my pops bought me this I don’t know where he purchased it from and I’m not sure of the price, however you can find all the items on their home page, or just pop into House of Fraser or Debenhams, I don’t think that Chanel is sold at boots. Boo

This is the colour that I am wearing in my Featured Imagine at the top of this blog.


So there you have it my top three favourite lippies, although they do seem to change very often as there are so many to try out! God knows which one will be next on my very long wish list.

Just a few little tips on how to prep before applying lipstick, and yes, this is very important. Prepare, prepare, prepare, that means before you go to bed you wack on your favourite lip balm and start the process, through the night your lips will be working away getting ready for your application. Next step is after you wash your face, grab a tooth brush and use circle motions to exfoliate, don’t do this too hard because it is delicate skin, but add a little pressure just enough to get rid of any dry skin thats hasn’t been washed off. The next thing I do is moisturise them lips….again. While I am doing my make-up I dab some lip balm on to get started while I finish off my face make-up. My lipstick is the very VERY last thing I do. I get dressed, I sort my bag out, I might even giggle around to a little music while doing so, and just before I am about to leave the house I chose my favourite lippy. Apply, blot anddddd ta-daaaaarrr, I’m ready to go.

Till next time….Happy Lipsticking.


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