Twenty Two Day Cleanse – DONE!

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Today marks my 22nd day of my detox cleanse! It was originally a 21 day cleanse, however my best friend had a leaving party on the 2nd so I was super good and added a day on the end, so there wasn’t any cheating!

My cleanse has consisted of no chocolate, no naughty fast food, no naughty anything to be honest, plenty of detox tea, lots of water and absolutely no alcohol.

The first week was so easy, I was really enjoying all the smoothies and feeling cleaner in myself. However this last week has been horrendous, especially when your best friend’s decide to drink Cosmo’s in front of you, and your boyfriend decides to scoff your easter bunny chocolate egg – and all of it! It has really tested my will-power. I REALLY deserve a tap on the back. Im going to be totally honest with you, I haven’t thought that it has done any good, I still felt as bloated as ever, I was having headaches and going to bed feeling very hungry. However towards the end of this week people have commented that my complexion looks great and my skin does look clearer. Although I didn’t really care at that moment in time as I just wanted a bloody glass of prosecco!

Now the easiest thing for me to do is now jump back into eating crappy food and drinking to my hearts content, and to be really honest I am already planning that cheesy pizza and Chinese tomorrow and Sunday! I might have one day of being slightly naughty but apart from that I am really going to try and take something alway from this 22 day cleanse. Im definitely going to exchange a meal for a smoothie and try not consume as much alcohol, and if it really has worked wonders for my skin I’m 100% going to stick with it then. You have to look after the skin you are in.

I have been so lucky through my teenage years that I didn’t get lots of spots, compared to my brother anyway. It has only been recently through my early 20’s that Ive found I get spots around my chin, (I feel really old saying early 20’s haha) I put that down to stress and probably not a good diet. With so much temptation for quick naughty food how can you always say no? Ive always suffered from eczema, especially on my arms, around my lips and neck, when I was in High School I was so conscience of it, I really do have demon’s about having bad skin. So for people to comment and say that my skin looks good, it feels like I’ve really achieved something.


Tonight Cal and I along with some friends are going out for a few drinks as we are jetting off to New York in 11 days. My head is saying DRINK! DRINK! DRINK! all night long and get carried home by Cal (which does seem to happen a lot these days) but I’ve had a stern word with myself and I’ve decided to do something that I’ve read about and been told a lot to do. Im going to start by having a quite large substantial lunch, and then for dinner have something little (you don’t want to look bloated in that dress do you?) So I will be going out on a well prepped tummy. Then I’m going to stick to one drink all night, which I normally try and do anyway, but in-between drinks Im going to have a glass of cranberry juice, not only will this slow me down, but I have such sensitive teeth I can never drink juice with ice very fast. These days I can drink a Cosmo like its Ribeana because of all the sugar you can barely taste the Vodka. Thats when it gets dangerous. Hopefully with a mixture of a full tummy and breaks between drinks I will be remember getting home haha.

For anyone that feels stogy or is in need for a good clean out, I suggest trying the 21 day cleanse, I’ve spoke about it in ‘Happy Detoxing’ so check out my other blog and if it works for you then be sure to let me know by commenting at the bottom, id be intrigued to know!

I hope you are have a great weekend. I know I will! GIVE ME CHOCOLATE!

I’ll be posting again next week, so be sure to check in 🙂




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