What’s in my carry-on bag?

So some of you may have read my first blog on bearypie.com. ‘Getting Ready for NYC’ you’ll see that I am flying to NYC on 3rd May (7 days woooooo)


I’ve been on longer flights than to NYC, for example, a direct flight to Australia which is 24 straight hours of travelling. The third time doing it is not so fun, especially on your own. So compared to a seven hour flight to America it doesn’t seem so bad, however seven hours sat down is unnatural to me, and I am most definitely a fidgety person, and trust me it drives me mad just as much as the person next to me, which is usually Cal.

However I have a ritual of items I take on a flight with me, which I really think are (bear) essentials for anyone doing a long haul flight!

First of all, I will travel with no make-up on, there’s nothing worse than patchy, flakey make up, and to be honest I think it makes you look worse rather than better. So I will travel make-up free, I’ll just do my routine of cleansing, toning and moisturising before we leave for the airport, so my face is fresh for the day ahead.

I have recently bought a Pink duffel bag, I am in love with it, it’s a good size, black and trendy. I wanted to take the most I could on flight with me so this is perfect, with a strap that goes over the shoulder, and lots of separate compartments so you can arrange items accordingly.

The first thing I want in my bag is a pair of fluffy socks, I don’t know about anyone else but I am ALWAYS cold on flights, and it makes me miserable! So I pop in my bag some warm socks that I can put on once we are up in the air. When it comes to cosmetics and my lotions and potions I am very picky. My mum recently gave me a Shiseido see-through plastic travel bag, so my the majority of liquids will be going in there.

  • Starting with Shiseido’s balancing softener, this is also travel size (it’s so cute!!!)
  • I pack this along with some face wipes,
  • My favourites moisturiser which I have bought an empty plastic bottle to fill up, for just the amount I need,
  • Some mini cotton pads,
  • My favourite primer which is Dior’s Dream Skin so when it is coming to the end of my flight I will cleanse, tone, moisturise and prime my face, so I am ready for when we land.
  • Then to finish it off I have one of my Jo Malone Fragrances, 30 ML Red Rose Cologne

IMG_8915 2.jpg

Moving on to whats in my Mulberry make-up


  • Vaseline (of course) there’s nothing worse than dry lips on a long flight!
  • I have some Diprobase Lotion for any dry skin
  • Aveeno hand cream
  • ESPA Purifying Tea Tree Gel for any annoying red spots
  • Christian Breton Serious Lip Therapy
  • Batiste Dry Shampoo (mini)
  • Dove Deodorant (mini)
  • Laura Mercier concealer palette
  • YSL Radiant Touch – 1
  • Beauty Blender

IMG_8910 copy.jpg

I then take a tiny pot of my favourite foundation at the moment which is Yves Saint Laurent , Touch éclat Le Teint – colour BD25. I’ll fill a little tester bottle up with a few pumps.

Next up will be my reading material, I will definitely be buying my usual fashion mags at the airport, either Vogue, Red, Elle, Harpers Bizarre or whatever I can get my hands on! Also the book I am reading at the moment which is ‘Stolen’ by Lesley Pearce. Which I have read before and I highly recommend! Next to throw in my bag will be my diaries! I will not go anywhere without them, in case I have any light bulb moments while I am travelling, I want to be able to jot them down pronto! My Mac, headphones and chargers will be in there along with my purse, however Cal will be looking after my passport and travel documents because I don’t even think I can be trusted!


(One very VERY important item that will most certainly be in my carry-on is travel sickness tablets, I’m usually all right on airplanes but I just never know.)

So that is about it, I might add in an extra jumper depending on what I am wearing on the flight, or a my Tangle Teezer, but apart from that I don’t think much more would fit in! It’s always a good idea to bring your own little plastic bag to put any liquids in, I always take an extra one just in case. The last thing you want is for them to throw any of your items away!

I hope this has helped anyone who is travelling soon! If you want more advice then visit Inthefrow on her YouTube channel as she has a few videos on what she packs in her beauty bag when travelling.

Till next time! Happy flying!



P.S One last thing that might not to apply to everyone, but my Tiffany necklace always makes me go off when I walk through the detector, I end up taking it off and either panic about losing it OR it gets super tangled up and it takes me ages to untangle it! So I use the little Tiffany pouch that it came with and pop it in there before I even go through the detectors! It saves a lot of time and faffing about!



What I am wearing in the above photo

  • Jack Wills hoodie
  • H&M long tank top
  • Sports bra from Pink
  • Puma sports leggings  
  • Duffle Bag from Pink
  • Timberland Sunglasses 
  • Bearpaw Uggs




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