The Lights Are So Bright, But They Never Blind Me!

Welcome to New York, its been waiting for you – Taylor Swift

Well after almost a good year and a half of planning, we have finally touched down in New York City.

It’s true to say that if you have bumps along the road to get where you wanna be, then it makes it all the more marvellous when you eventually get to where you want. After moving into papa bears house, cramped up living out of a shoe box to save money, passing Uni and visa problems we can finally say that we are in NYC and loving life so far.

We decided to stay in Brooklyn at an Airb&b to decrease the cost of accommodation so that we would have more money to live till we get jobs (IF we get jobs) our flat is situated about 30 minutes on a subway outside Manhattan. Considering that it can sometimes take us an hour to get from Grenoside to the City Centre in Sheffield this isn’t bad at all. I’m not going to lie, it’s a bit of a culture shock, after spending most of my life living in a small village it’s quite daunting to walk through Brooklyn with so many different cultures. Cal promises I will get used to it!

However we are only staying in the apartment till the 18th May as we are then flying to Romania for Cal’s brothers wedding. When we return to America we will be staying somewhere else, we just don’t know where yet.

Once we arrived at JFK there was a LONNNNNGGG wait (that being the biggest understatement of the year) to get through customs and with the flight being a bit bumpy and tiring we decided once we got to our apartment we would probably unpack and then Nani Nani (‘sleep time’ in Romanian). We woke up fresh as a daisy this morning (the owner of the flat has a dog called Daisy, so that seems quite fitting) got showered and changed then headed to Manhattan. We did the most cliché thing and got a coffee and a bagel on Wall Street. As soon as I walked out of the coffee shop I clocked… SEPHORA which my best friend Sophia will be so jealous about. We picked up two face masks for tonight, mine is a purifying and detoxifying masque, and Cal’s a mattifying and anti-blemish. I also bought Dior’s Addict IT-lash mascara, so I cant wait to test them out!





We’ve decided to take each day as it comes, these first two weeks will be a test to see if we like life in America, we have to break the trip up to go to Romania anyway and we might end up staying there for longer than expected. We might end up hating NYC and coming home, although right now that its seems hugely doubtful. Haha.



This is just going to be a short blog till I have my Mac properly up and running and can start editing some photos, but keep posted and look out for Tweets, Instagram and Facebook messages for when my next blog is up!

Catch you later 😉





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