7 Things I Can Not Live Without

“Materialistic? No, just high maintenance” – someone once said to describe myself. And it couldn’t be more true!

Everyone has those items in life that just brighten your day without even realising it. From clothing to make-up to your favourite food! There is no denying even the most simple living people have things that they just can’t live without!

Here’s a list of my 7 top items that I would die without. Don’t judge!



It is a must have, there’s no way you can convince me other wise, it just makes you lips look beautiful in tune with your favourite lipstick! Keeps it all in check and accentuates the curves of your cupid bow. If you don’t have the bee stung lips look going for you or an obvious cupid bow, then this is even more reason to buy a lip liner!!!! They come in all shades to suit your lipstick! So there is no excuse!



If you know me well, you will know that I LOVE Jo Malone. Once you go to Malone, there’s no going back, it is my all time favourite! Even though I do love my Mulberry and Chanel, there is just something about Jo’s Velvet Rose & Oud that makes my heart skip a beat, if my nose could talk, it would thank me everyday! It’s one of the most beautiful smells in the world in my opinion anyway, also one of their newer fragrances Mimosa & Cardamom is an absolutle delight, if there isn’t many pennies in the Bethy fund then I go for that one as it’s cheaper option. *Velvet Rose and Oud is the intense cologne and is priced higher




To this day I do not know what I did before I purchased my first one. For around the eyes, nose and lips it gives a gorgeous glow that brightens your face (and life). Actually there is not one product from YSL that has let me down, yet. After you have applied your primer and foundation, before anything else apply a few pumps of the radiant touch to the parts of the face that need to be highlighted, blend in with a beauty blender and then continue with your make-up as normal. For my pale skin I use shade 1.



Now this might seem a little weird to anyone that doesn’t know me well, but I have a habit from when I was little that I can’t stop doing and I don’t even want to! Playing with Cal’s ears has got to be one of my favourite things to do in my day! And I swear he must have the patience of a saint as he still to this day doesn’t tell me to STOP IT!!!! haha. Don’t even try to tell me that you don’t have weird fetishes, because everyone does, I just don’t mind telling everyone on my blog (obviously) 🙈



This is a super obvious one, what girl doesn’t love a hot bubble bath? Especially one that made by your boyfriend. It’s even better with candles and dim orange lights! I want one right now! I’d have one anytime of the day if I had a choice. EXTRA hot and EXTRA bubbles! One of the only reasons why I was worried about going to NYC was because we probably wouldnt have a bath. BUT!! we do and now my NYC expereience is complete!



I’d like to kiss the person who invented this beautiful drink! Now I’m not saying that I don’t enjoy a lovely green tea or a bubbly glass of prosecco (or 6) but iced mocha’s are my go to drink when I want a boost. Shaken and not blended, with 2 shots of coffee, skimmed milk with a few pumps of chocolate syrup and the rest is history! Yummy!




Music is such an amazing thing, it can change your mood instantly, remind you of memories and can create something beautiful. I am a full on avid Taylor Swift fan and there’s not a lot I don’t know about the girl. I’ve managed to brainwash my boyfriend into liking her, so she is constantly playing at home, in the car or in my ears! She’s a lyrical genius and a brilliant vocalist, I could listen to her words all day! I’ve loved her music since I was 16 years old, the country-style she used to do is so incredible, however the first concert I saw was RED, I got my seats changed from the high heavens of the 02 to front row; seat number A1, which was the most surreal moment of my life, the next concert I saw was her 1989 world tour, Cal drove my all the way to Scotland to see her and once again our seats were unbelievable, I think seeing Taylor live in concert will be classed as one of the best days of my life (way more amazing than when I get married) LOL.




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