12 Things I’ve learned in NYC so far.


With only being five days into our trip, I’ve already learned so many little gems about how to handle life in NYC. So here is a list of do’s, don’ts, what to expect and everything in between for you to remember.

cals choice.JPG


  1. Wear good shoes and if you’re gonna wear heels/wedges learn not to moan! You only have yourself to blame.
  2. Season’s October to May take an umbrella everything with you, the weather is as unpredictable as the UK.
  3. Get used to not queueing in an orderly fashion on the subway stairs and escalators because New Yorker’s don’t!
  4. Expect salad bars EVERYWHERE! 👍🏼
  5. Bring sports leggings with you because ALL the girls wear them casually and they look pretty damn cute.IMG_9074
  6. I tell you again wear trainers! Even with your best attire. Suits? Dresses? Anything!
  7. English accent? Use it!
  8. Don’t be surprised if you see the opposite sex in the toilet, they love using unisex.
  9. Join Three network! Internet, phone calls and texts are free in America, so it helps if you get in trouble, but more important you can update your Instagram 😉
  10. Don’t order an Earl Grey Tea, they aren’t like the ones in England, they taste like you’re drinking 60 sugar cubes diluted in milk.
  11. Bad make up day? Get yourself to Sephora and try on everything and anything without anyone hassling you! Today I saw a woman do a full face wash, exfoliating, primer and war paint session without anyone so much as battering an eye lid.
  12. I know that they say that there’s a Starbucks on every corner in NYC and they were NOT joking! So you’ll never have to go without your daily coffee boost, or somewhere to rest or feet (or which is more than likely….. to charge your phone)



So that’s it so far! I’m sure there is much more for me to learn and ill report back with the best things I find out.

The most important thing to remember is to enjoy yourself!!!!!


Till Next Time!

Mwah xxxxx

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