New York City’s heavy water! HAIR HEAVEN

We all are aware of the well-known facts for looking after our hair;

  • Don’t straighten to often
  • Don’t blow dry to often
  • Don’t wash it obsessively
  • Don’t brush your hair when wet
  • Be gentle when brushing, period
  • Don’t use to many chemicals – eg, hairspray
  • Get it trimmed every 8 weeks
  • Dont back comb

etc etc, blah blah blah……. and the list goes on.


I’ve heard them all and as I have a huge obsession with my hair growing long and thick and turning into luscious locks that I’ve only ever dreamed about I have religiously followed the rules! Even though my mama says it doesn’t, I’ve always felt like I’ve had pretty thin hair, therefore, I don’t straighten ever! I wash my hair as little as I can hence why I look a scruff a lot of the time and I’ve decided to (try) not dye it for as long as I can. I’ve spent careless amounts of money on different shampoo and conditioners, hair masques, different lotions and potions, when really there was only one thing I needed to do

………come to New York City, the heavy water is working wonders for my little strands of straw! I wash it once and my hair remains ungreased for double the time it does in UK. It instantly feels softer and it has even added a little wave (which im not so sure about yet)


The water mixed with the sunshine (which will hopefully last now) and feeling genuinely happier seems to have done my head of hair a favour!

Through my research about hard and soft water, it seems to be that hard water should not be better for your hair but this is debatable, when shampooing it’s suppose to not lather as well as it would with soft, but somehow with my hair it seems to be lathering brilliantly and creating me plumb, full and volumised hair all day long. Maybe this is because of the change from my usual soft water at home? Therefore the change might have done me a lot of good. The hardness is measured by the dissolved calcium and magnesium in the water, there is a bunch of propaganda on the internet about hard and soft water, it clearly seems to be a mixed opinion of which one is better, but its safe to say for my hair it gets a HUGE thumbs up!


Till next time 🙂


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