4 outfits to get me through the week

The weekend has gone, you have spent most of it drinking and nursing a hangover, or Netflix and chilled for the whole 72 hours, whatever the case, YOU hate Monday as much as the next person, if possible, you hate it more.

The way I get through my week is due to putting outfits together and feeling my best, I am a firm believer that if you look good on the outside, you feel good on the inside! Amen to that.

When it comes to the beginning of the week, I usually like to start feeling fresh and looking my best, that usually means I stay away from the trackies and matching hoodie. Starting with a refreshing shower or a relaxing bath with my favourite products, hair being washed and blow dried (usually I do this with my head upside down for the maximum volume effect and just move it around with out holding the hair down to a brush, that way it doesn’t damage my hair as much) followed by my moisturiser and primer routine and then make-up.


Here I’m wearing my favourite ripped skinny jeans from Topshop, which many people ask if I’ve paid less for HAHAHAHAHAH so funny! (NOT😒) put together with a little white tee, which I have got to say is also one of my favourite as it fits so well, it’s not too tight or to loose and it sits perfectly just above my hips. It also have a logo saying ‘Mojito’ which is my second favourite cocktail after Cosmo’s. My thin jacket is perfect for the New York weather, its nice to cover my arms incase I get a little cold, but thin enough to keep on incase the sun makes an appearance. Put together with my jellies and my Zara bag. The sunnies are from this season at H&M, I’m trying out the john Lennon(ish) look at the moment to see if it’s suiting.

Tuesday comes around pretty slowly, after the long and painful Monday drags on. This is the day I choose to not wash my hair to give it a break from the lotions and potions and the heat of the blow dryer.

I don’t know if anyone else has picked the trend up yet, but for the past year I have throughly enjoyed wearing sports leggings, with a pair of Converse, my Nike’s or jellies, a tank top and a jumper or jacket. It is the comfiest thing since sliced bread, as I have heard that sliced bread do a lovely pair of Ivy Park leggings 😉


Next step is to add it with your favourite bag, I usually have a bigger bag with my laptop, diaries, charger and all my important stuff (cough, make-up, cough) but here I’ve added my new little Zara bag, with my Oscar De La Renta sunglasses and my usual jewellery accessories. Sometimes when I wear this look I might not be doing much with my day, so I wear no make up, or I do the whole make-up routine, either way, it looks casual! Trainers and sports leggings happen to both be from Puma, however I have to tell you that my favourite pair of leggings are from Gap, I bought mine in UK (Meadowhall, to be exact) unfortunately not only did they stop doing the line in the store at home, but they closed the shop altogether! Which broke my heart into pieces HOWEVER all hope is not lost, as in New York there seems to be a Gap on nearly every corner, suprise suprise 😋 and their range for Gym wear is still going strong, so I may be picking up some more gear while I am here! The jumper is from H&M’s 2015 conscious collection, this is a brilliant little jumper as once again, like the jacket from the outfit above, its is not to thick or too thin, and goes perfectly over a tank top.

It gets to Wednesday and we are finally half way through the week, spirits are high and so is the sunshine in NYC today!

IMG_7230 copy.jpg


and its jean heaven, a brilliant pair of skinny blue jeans from Gap, these jeans go with anything, including my little Lee black top, at the moment I’m really loving little plain tee’s they go perfectly with anything, for any occasion. It amazes me how leopard print is still in, I love these little pumps from Zara, they have been something I have worn a lot spring through to summer and they have never rubbed. Topping it off with my Timberland sunnies, ready for a day shopping in Manhattan.

Wednesday night and its time for cosmos’. Yippppeeeee! So it’s also the appropriate time to get those heels out! And seen as the sun is making an appearance, get them legs out too! These little milk bottles are in dire need for some sunshine, so this is the perfect excuse.



I tried to go for a Carrie Bradshaw esque sort of look here, with wearing my favourite H&M jumper again but combined with a very feminine petticoat skirt. The skirt is from Stradivarius and has got to be the best item I’ve bought from Romania, the pastel colours and flower pattern goes perfectly with the beige Rockstud Valentino’s. This Mimco bag is a brilliant size for going out mid-week for drinks as it is big enough to fit my make-up essentials, but not to big that you’re lugging it about. With this look, I would either wear a statement ring or necklace, or go completely the opposite way and wear the most simplistic jewelry. I also tend to take my Apple watch off to make the look a bit for girlie.

As we don’t know how long we are going to be in New York, I haven’t brought many items of clothing with me, (although my suitcase was 22.8kg to Cals delight, oooopppsss) so it is really important to pack clothing that can I can mix and match to suit what you are doing for the day.

Thats all for today folks!

Till next time.




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