Why oh why do we not have one in England?

For anyone that doesn’t know about Sephora, you are missing out big time, I first had my introduction with Sephora in Cannes with my best friend Sophia, I was taken in by them and never given back, actually I went back home with a piece of me missing (so dramatic, yet so true!)

Then, of course, Manhattan delivered! One on nearly every corner, its white and black stripes shining through, they shine so much I can’t walk past without popping in, much to the fear of Cals bank balance.

The best thing about this shop is that you can try on every single product from every single designer in the store, a little bit of concealer? perfume? lipstick? EXFOLIATOR!?? ANYTHING! Then if you like it….you buy it, if you don’t then you leave it and move onto the next.

Now there is the obvious brands, Benefit, YSL, Givenchy, Dior etc etc, but I’ve chosen to write about products that I recently purchased or have yet to buy.

First up is a primer I found when looking for a new one for myself, I’m not taking anything away from the one time recently using, which is the Dior True Skin, as it is so beautiful. But when browsing around Sephora I came across another one which I highly liked the look of.




This primer doesn’t only look beautiful, but it feels it too, which is gorgeous pink pearls that give off a glistening sparkle. This is a colour-correcting and radiance boost primer, so it perfect to start with before your foundation. It can be used on any skin type as it corrects itself to suit your personal skin tone. The gel melts in-between the rose pearls to give your skin a radiant and glowing finish before applying your foundation. $74.00 from Sephora United States.




This lip pencil is, long-lasting and waterproof, everything you need in a lip liner, and best of all, it glides on so easily! Smooch? Pout? Nibble? Lick? It will remain in perfect condition. It sets your lips up for the lipstick you apply, after that, run the pencil over your lips again to lock in the colour and your ready to face the day with gorgeous lips. (and apparently this is Urban Decay’s best-selling shade) $20.00 from Sephora.



Not only is this the most beautiful bottle I’ve ever seen, but it also smells divine! (like a walk on the beach to be exact 😉)



Beach walk uses the notes of bergamot, coconut milk, lemon, pink pepper, and musk to evoke a similar feeling to you walking on a beautiful sandy beach in the height of summer, so this fragrance is perfect for the season which is approaching fast. The bottle resembles a classic apothecary jar, which makes Replica so recognisable. This sells for $125.00 in US Sephora’s.



I couldn’t pick my favourite between the two, so I decided to mention both, because its my blog and I can! First up is Tatcha’s dewy finish mist, LOVEEEEE this product! I love the dewy look so this is absolutely brilliant for people who also want a dewy finish, people with oily skin might not agree well with this product. This mist gives you a dewy, radiant, glowing finish to your make-up, just spray from 15cm away and then walk out the door, done, ta da. $48.00 from Sephora USA



Next up is the Shiesido Fix Mist, this product surprised me so much as I began to not be the biggest fan of Shieshido recently, then I tried their cleanser and I was starting be a fan again and then I tried their Fix Mist and I’m very happy with the result. So thumbs up for Shi Shi! Also it was unusually priced costing only $25.00. This mist definitely leaves a rehydrating feel to your face, while preventing makeup from wearing off or creasing. Close your eyes and spray 15cm away from your face for about 4-5 pumps.



I first noticed this hairspray in John Lewis in Sheffield because the face of it is the beautiful Jennifer Aniston. It is a multitasking hairspray that works on damp or dry hair to set, style, and finish any look. When using this hairspray on damp hair, all you need to do is spray it on when coming out of the shower and immediately brush through with a comb, it has heat protection up to 450 degrees, so you hair is ready to be styled afterwards. $25.00 in Sephora.




I just had to add this one on to the list of items that you need to get, just because they help save the polar bear race, as the a portion of the sales goes towards the NRDC’S Polar Bear SOS initiative, you can learn more about this at These wipes remove make-up and cleanse skin gently and naturally. They are free from any alcoholic fragrances, the notes you can smell when using the wipes are aloe vera, argan oil and cucumber, the wipes are also biodegradable which is a bonus. This wipes are perfect for anyone with sensitive skin. $12.00 from Sephora.




I absolutely adore this case, its perfect for anyone with a large makeup collection, or someone who might travel a lot. It is a limited edition, so if you’re liking the look of it I’d act fast, however you don’t need to go into a store, they are sold online and in different styles too! It’s a brilliant way to organise all your beauty essentials, as it has 16 adjustable compartments for cosmetics of all different shapes and sizes. It also has security locks to keep everything safe and sound. $110.00 from Sephora.



Check out all these products online for more details 🙂

Till next time


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