Luxury Bag Unboxing – (blogging style)

My 21st birthday present from my Mother was a Bayswater Shrunken Calf Mulberry Bag, it did its job and blew my mind. Ever since it has been kept in pristine condition, with only  ever being used on days where there is no forecast for rain (yes I am that paranoid), it is logical that since I never bring it out in the rain, that it doesn’t get much use in England and it is ALWAYS kept in its original dust bag. But nevertheless its one of the most beautiful unique styles bags that Mulberry have produced, the Bayswater will never go out of style.

Anyway enough talk about Alexander (the name of my beloved Mulberry) also the name of the camel I jumped on in Egypt, even though they don’t look anything alike!

On 5th Avenue New York City, I purchased my own Designer bag, after months of wanting a smaller bag, I finally took the jump and bought one that I’ve been eyeing up for a few months. As all my other bags are larger, it then encourages me to take loads and loads of stuff out with me, which weighs down my shoulders and sometimes are left red raw. By getting a smaller bag, I have no choice to take the kitchen sink out with me every day.

I did the usual browsing for the perfect bag, from the Louis Vuitton Twist to the Givenchy Antigona, but unfortunately were little over my budget, however they are still very much on my wish list (HELLOOOOO CAL? 😀 hint hint, love you)

The winner is a Coach, Saddle Bag in glovetanned leather. I thank the lord high above that I held on and waited till I got to NYC to buy this bag, as it was about 50% cheaper and they included a 10% international discount. You could tell by my face that I was a VERY happy bear.

Anyway, I’ll be quiet now, unbox my bag and let the photos do the talking….





The bag came with the option to monogram your initials on the front and/or on a complementary Coach tag that hangs on the side. As you can see I choose my initials for the front of the bag in a smaller font and also the tag I had engraved with NEW YORK 2016. However this is optional as you can have anything your heart desires. Also the options for colours and size is totally up to you. One of the main reasons I decided on this bag was because of the monogram, also the lady in the shop said that this was the original bag they designed in the 1940’s and as their 70th anniversary was coming up they are bringing them back as a celebration, also the leather they use for this particular bag is the same as the leather for the New York Yankees Base Ball Glove, which is a nice little fact for you 😊




IMG_9241 copy


Till next time. 👜❤️

Love Bethany Claire Maples – BCM



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