Timișoara 🇹🇩

This was my second time visiting Romania and I seriously can’t wait to go back for the third time. The first time I went was for a skiing trip in Transylvania, the home of Vlad the Impaler – The real Dracula, so if you see bite marks on me, it is just Cal doing his job, don’t be alarmed!

I have got to say that Transylvania is one of the most scenic and beautiful places I have been in my life, it was like an image from Twilight, the picture doesn’t do it any justice.


This was the view from our log cabin and it most certainly isn’t filtered, as you can see…..there was no need.

Anyway, enough about the skiing season. Let me talk about why we were there this time. In the city of Timișoara, this is where Cal grew up as a young chappy. We arrived in Romania after a LONNNNGGG trip from NYC, so we were pretty out of it when we arrived at 12 in the morning. We stayed in a beautiful Air B&B in Dumbrăviţa, in the suburbs of Timișoara. Cal’s brothers wedding was the next day, so we didn’t have much time to rest, me thinking that the wedding would finish around 12am ish, I would be in bed for 1am and I could have a lovely lie in the next day…………….Well HOW WRONG WAS I? The wedding went on till 4:30am, with the bride and groom having to dance all night as part of their tradition and barely sitting down for a bite to eat! AND I wasn’t going to let them dance on their own all night was I? So from 5pm to 4am we hardly sat down!

Alex and Andreea looked absolutely beaming from start to finish, with the bride wearing a tradition dress with lace sleeves which fitted her superbly.


Safe to say that my first experience of a Romanian wedding went down very well and I loved every minute.

We weren’t staying in Romania for very long, but we wanted to see everyone before we flew home, the next day I was able to try my first traditional Romanian meal with Lumi and Robbi, we started with a beef soup, then white fish and to finish with the most humongous pudding I have ever seen in my life. No wonder I feel the size of an elephant!




We only had a few days there, but it was glorious sunshine everyday, which made it even harder to leave. I had met Cal’s brother’s and Dad and his wife, the previous time I was there, but had never met his other family, including his Mami (Lumi) So it was really exciting but scary to meet them and also what would they think of his very pale English girlfriend? Anyway, it all went fine and they all made me feel extremely welcome and even though my Romanian isn’t the best I believe I got the Romanian dance moves down to a T 😝.


We are hoping to return in a few months time, so when the weather will be really beaming down, the rooftop pools will be open and the Cosmo’s will be flowing. Till then…. we miss you Ruru, and we’ll see you soon.

Talking of the swimming pools, I am hoping to get my beach bod looking great and therefore have started my vegan diet today, I will be updating you along the way. Wish me luck!



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