5 Top outfits for some summer lovin’☀️💛

Recently I went to a wedding in Romania, and it’s safe to say that I was so unprepared for it that I wish I could turn back time and pick my outfit properly. I am such a firm believer in that when you look good on the outside you feel good inside.

However I don’t think this was the case a few weeks ago, because we were travelling in America on a budget before we went to Romania I didn’t have the time or money to be running around picking out dresses for a wedding where I wasn’t sure with the dress code, also I didn’t know what girls wore to weddings in Romania. Therefore I picked a floral skirt and little grey top and fancied it up with some jewellery. Even though this was completely fine, I wish I had taken advantage of wearing a beautiful ‘sunshiney’ girlie dress, as here in England we don’t get much chance to do that, do we?

Since being home I’ve been looking at different dresses in shops and online and picked out some of my favourites. I’ve tried to get a wide range of dresses with a range of prices, so that it reaches to any audience.

So even if you’re going to a wedding this summer, the races, or getting dressed up with the girls for a weekend in the sun, then these are my top 5 dresses for the summer.

  1. Now I don’t do a lot of online shopping as I never get the right size, and unfortunately having bigger breasts is NOT always a positive factor, so dresses seem to fit me perfectly around the waist but not around the bust, so I try to steer away from online shopping HOWEVER, Vicky Pattison from Geordie Shore has recently designed an online clothing range, and seen as she has quite a small frame these days, but has a bigger bust, I would imagine her dresses could fit us bigger boob’d girls quite well. I’ve had a look on her website and chose my favourite summer beauty from her range. (unfortunately as this is online, I’ve not been able to try to dress on myself, so here’s Vicky to do the job for us)



First of all, I adore the pastel colours! The dress will look gorgeous on someone with a small waist to accentuate their natural curves. This would be a dress I would pick to wear because my chest wouldn’t be on show and it would fit like a glove around my waist line, however it wouldn’t be tight on my tummy and thighs.

This dress is called ‘Fallen In Love’ and it is on Honeyz.co.uk. £30.00





2. This next dress is from online again, however I do think there is a store, maybe in bigger cities such as Manchester or London. But for now I’ll show you the picture from the website. InTheFrow was recently seen wearing this dress and I fell instantly in love with it.

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 13.32.48.png

This is from a store called Three Floor, Victoria from InTheFrow.com looked absolutely amazing in this dress.  Find this dress on https://www.threefloorfashion.com/topsin-dress.html

  • Topspin Dress: £198.00

3. The next dress (well cords, skirt and top) is something that I suggest to not wear at a wedding, as it is lacey and white. You’ll be getting daggers from the bride all day and probs from her maid of honour too!


I LOVE the matching top and skirt look, and they are so in at the moment. This set is not actually matching, but with them being both white and lace I think you can get away with it, however there was a matching skirt for this crop top, although it was a long tulle skirt, and with me being short and dinky they don’t always suit me. White on white is so fashionable and so French, that kind of look screams out style.

  • Top: Floral Airtel Crop: £38.00
  • Skirt: Cutwork Lace Skirt: £38.00


4. This next dress is not something I would normally pick, although I’m not taking anything away from it, just because with having a bigger chest it can look a bit funny. However this one wasn’t too bad, and I died at the colour!!! Also the fact it was half backless which is brilliant for when you want to be dancing the night away but feel cool at the same time. I don’t recommend wearing a bra with this dress because it will just take away the whole abeyance. I do suggest buying some nipple petals to cover your private area so that people can’t see if you can’t a bit too cold (if you know what I mean)


This beauty is also from Topshop, the fabric is so light and is slightly ribbed. The tie around has a little feather at the end, for the perfect little touch. Very cute for a wedding as it is knee length and therefore looks sophisticated.

  • Pleated Wrap Midi Dress £49.00


5. I searched a while for this next look, just because I wanted it to be a bit different from your typical going out ‘partying’ clothes . I also think this would be great for a wedding as well as day time drinking with the girls. It is a shorts and top combo from Maje, I first clocked my eyes on this website when looking through other bloggers sites, and they all seem to love Maje.

Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 11.51.10.png

I love the ethnicity of this outfit and the embroidery design around the shorts and then the big template in the middle of the top. With having blue eyes I seem to find that my eyes look brighter when I wear something blue, so I’m hoping this outfit would do the job. This looks like a playsuit in the picture, but it is a top and shorts, so you could even mix and match if you didn’t like the look of them together. Find the clothes on http://uk.maje.com

  • Lorna Linen shorts with ethnic embroidery £159.00

  • Lorna Top with contrasting embroidery £199.00

There you have it, these are my top 5 outfits for the summer, even though it seems to have turned dull again in Sheffield. But for going holiday to a greek island or a wedding in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales, these will be perfect.

Till next time


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