My Morning Face Routine☀️

I don’t know about anyone else, but one of my favourite parts of the day is doing my makeup in a morning, and all the prep that it involves. So here’s my personal step by step guide of my morning routine.

First! It’s like working on a canvas, it needs to be thoroughly clean. So the very first thing I do is give my face a good scrub, I use Elizabeth Arden’s Intervene 3-in-1 Face Wash(1). I love this product, it has tiny sea salt grains in there to give it a good exfoliate, however it is also a cleanser and primer, it’s so creamy, and a pea size amount goes a long way! I use this every morning. (I will leave a list of products and price at the bottom of my blog)


I then pat my face with a clean towel, I learned a long time ago that when it comes to your face or even your hair, you should use your towel/flannel wisely, don’t vigorously dry your face or hair, pat it dry with a clean towel.


After this I take a clean cotton pad and start my toner, for this I use Elizabeth Arden Hydra Splash Toner(2), I’ve tried out a few toners in the past, but I have to say that this is by far my favourite, it smells incredible and leaves my face thoroughly clean and soft.

Next up is the moisturiser, I seem to change this quite a lot, once I run out I always decide to try a different one, last week I ran out of my Sampar Ultra Hydrating Fluid(3), it does what it says on the tin, I really enjoyed using this cream, it was extremely hydrating, I’ve now moved on to, Super Facialist By Una Brennan Skin Recovery Day Cream(4) I’ve only been using this for a few days, however it really gives me a good coverage, I’m really not a fan on creams that don’t seem to rub in easily and leave your face feeling sticky instead of moisturised.


PRIMER! I love primers, I don’t know what I did before primers. There are so many good ones out there for people to try, out of all the ones I’ve managed to whittle it down to two of my favourites. First up; Laura Mercier Foundation Primer (5), I always go for the Radiance collection as it definitely leaves you with a light glow. But my all time favourite primer at the moment which I can’t see myself moving away from is the Dior Dream Skin(6). You’re supposed to leave your primer to soak in for at least 30 seconds, so while I wait I go to the bathroom and wet my beauty blender. I squeeze out the access water and then return to apply my makeup.


I’ve found out after lot of mistakes to not apply much foundation for the first coat, and then if you want more you just keep on adding. The amount of time I have pumped far too much foundation on to the back of my hand or on my beauty blender and then ended up throwing the remains away, or just applying it to my face and looking like an umpa lump. I use Yves Saint Lauren, Touche Éclat(7) this is so dewy and has the best coverage without it having to be plastered on. Once I’ve covered my face, using my beauty blender, I then take the YSL Touche Éclat Radiance Touch(8) I apply this around my eyes and nose, and then a little around my lip line.



Then I start on my eyebrows, this is has got to be my least favourite part, because if it goes wrong then I am in a bad mood all day. I’ve recently started using Smash Box Brow Tech Matte Pencil in Taupe(9) at this moment in time I’m not to keen on it, as you have to wind it up to use instead of sharpening it, and I sometimes find that it snaps if you press to hard, it’s also a tiny pencil, so if can make very distinctive strokes, however for now it’s doing the job, aslong as you concentrate and have a steady hand (which I most definitely don’t).

After the brows are on fleek, I move onto my blushes, now this may come as a shock but I have stuck with Mac all these years since I started wearing makeup, HOWEVER! I have recently in the last few months changed…….toooo…Kiko! I never thought I would see the day. But I think it is fabulous. I really don’t like powered blushes, so I always stick to cream based. The one I use is Kiko Velvet Touch, Cream Stick Blush No 02 (which is the a pinky peach colour(10) I do a stroke across my both my cheek bones and pat it till its smudges in, I also use whats left on my finger to go down my nose and over my eye lids.

Next up is my mascara, I hate my bloody eye lashes, they do the total opposite of what eye lashes should do, they don’t flatter my eyes or make me look bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, like point down! I recently had LVL(11) done on my lashes, which is a treatment that’s completely natural (and not electronic) that moulds your eyelashes upwards! I HIGHLY recommend this for anyone with similar eyelashes to myself. You don’t have to wear mascara for a few weeks after this treatment as they dye your lashes in the process, however I did as it made them look even bigger, this lasts up to 6-8weeks. I use Dior Addict IT-LASH Black(12) and also Burberry Effortless Mascara Midnight Black No 01(13) these two are my all time favourites, no matter what anyone says I will never steer away from these babes. They do the job for me and they aren’t heavy on my lashes, which can cause them to droop.

When I’ve done all of the above, if I’ve had a break out of spots I may add a variety of concealers, and then just before I leave the house I apply one of my favourite lipsticks. Check out my ‘There Favourite Lipsticks’ blog on the best lipsticks.


Also I should remind you that you must MUST MUST take all of your makeup off at night religiously, in my eyes there’s nothing worse than sleeping in your makeup, or not taking it off properly. Use hot water, a good face wash, a clean flannel, and a night time moisturiser so your skin is all happy and ready to start the process the next day!


List of products

(1) Elizabeth Arden Intervene 3-in-1 Daily Cleanser, Exfoliator, Primer: £20.00 (I couldn’t find this product online, however looking at the other similar products they have they all seem around £20.00) 

(2) Elizabeth Arden Hydra Splash Toner: This is similar to the above, check Elizabeth Arden’s online page for other toners that might suit your skin type, once again going from similar products, you’re looking at around £15.00-£18.00

(3) Sampar Ultra Hydrating Fluid: £49.94

(4) Super Facialist By Una Brennan Skin Recovery Day Cream: £14.99

(5) Laura Mercier Foundation Radiance: 15.86

(6) Dior Dream Skin Capture Totale: £79.00

(7) Yves Saint Lauren, Touche Éclat Foundation: £32.50

(8) Yves Saint Lauren, Touche Éclat Radiant Touch: £25.00

(9) Smash Box Brow Tech Matte Pencil in Taupe: £14.87(From Sephora)

(10)  Kiko Velvet Touch, Cream Stick Blush No 02: £7.90

(11) LVL Lashes: £45.00 iBrow & Beauty Salon at Meadowhall Shopping centre

(12) Dior Addict IT-LASH Black: (can not find price on their website)

(13) Burberry Effortless Mascara Midnight Black No 01: £24.00



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