My Favourite Bed Linen

There is nothing more satisfying and glorious as crisp, clean bedding. Smelling good enough to eat, and feeling like a little baby lamb! That first night in a clean bed is not one that you easily forget. BUT it can be quickly ruined by rubbish, hard, and scratchy bedding and more often than not – it is usually because of the cheap stuff.

Getting a good nights sleep is SOOOOO important for us humans, we look at everything we eat, we diet, we exercise, we look after our skin in the sun, so why would we chose to have a horrible place to sleep?

I thought about writing this blog whilst changing my bedding this morning, as I looked into my linen cupboard I was spoiled for choice with which one would be next. I’ve managed (with a lot of difficulty) to come up with my three favourite. Some of you may find it strange, but I could talk day and night about the perfect bedding. So you’re lucky to only have to embrace one blog post about it.

First up has got to be, Laura Ashley, now many of you may think that this is extremely over priced, and when I take a trip into one of their shops I am sometimes astonished with the over priced pillow cases, however, they are forever having sales, so if you time it right, you can get a good deal. I bought this one about a year ago online. There is nothing like a floral pattern to make your room girlie and cosy. I love how on the one side it is a pale blue, baby pink and green floral pattern, however underneath is a pinstripe pattern made up of the same colours! I love little details like this, with matching pillows and a soft bottom sheet, you’re guaranteed to have a sound nights sleep!

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 13.21.59.png


Second has got to be, Ralph Lauren. When I bought this bedding I had a choice of  two colours, one being blue pinstripes with matching pillows, and the other being the exact same but pink, of course Cal might have preferred the blue, but I wanted to pink, and any girl will know that we also get our own way. This is a beautiful bedding set, with the Ralph Lauren logo in the corner of the duvet and then two tiny ones of embodied on the pillow cases.



Last but most certainly not the least, is actually my favourite recently. Hugo Boss, pure white linen has got to be the most beautiful colour for bedding, but also the most annoying at the same time, it looks timeless and beautiful, however it managers to pick up anything. The 3 main rules for white bedding; absolutely no sleeping with makeup on, no eating in bed, and no fake tanned legs!




Till next time


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