The three best shirts for our English ‘summer’

……IF you can call our English summer…a summer? That’s a debate for another day.

I seem to find for a lot of my blogs, I find my inspiration from other social media accounts, one that’s very inspirational is the discover page on Instagram, I love scrolling through this everyday, sometimes I look up from my phone to find a week has passed by and I’m still bloody scrolling along looking at Taylor Swift and puppies, or the major one that always managers to catch my eye is the clothes that some beautiful girls with gorgeous bodies wear in the world. Something that I have found pops in and out of fashion (and I think is a timeless garment) is a shirt, Audrey Hepburn loved her crisp white (starched) shirts, and god damn they suited her perfectly!

As much as I adore white shirts, if you put them with anything other than a pair of jeans they can start to look a bit to formal, so you need to choose the perfect blue jeans, or a pair of denim roguery shorts, maybe even tuck in on half of the front of the shirt and roll the sleeves up to make them look like a mess (even though you’ve done this on purpose) like a messy pony tail, or when you sandpaper a little coffee table to give it the ‘old’ look.

Here’s my favourite shirts at the moment, (that aren’t for interviews) but those summery days where there’s a little breeze so you need your arms covered, but you don’t need a coat – which is a good thing as coats can crumple, and a crumpled shirt (unless done on purpose) do not – I repeat – do not look good!



fancy-letter-italic-1 H&M – It goes without saying that if you want fashion for a smaller cost and you don’t want to result to Primark, then H&M is the place to go! Apart from their Balmain collection (which I still have yet to see in England) he prices are pretty good for what you’re getting. And the shirt range they had every year is pretty good! From fitted to baggy to striped to linen, they have it, that’s why I’ve chosen one for my blog.





A basic white shirt to suit any occasion, I recently wore this shirt to an interview with plan black trousers. But you can snazzy it up with a pair of jeans and some shades, and roll them sleeves up on a hot day to make it a trendy and an easy going look! £14.99









Next up, is Gap, now recently they closed down the store in Meadowhall, much to my dismay, but there is plenty all over the country and their online shopping is pretty great, there are always sales going off in Gap, probably because the original prices are bit silly, if I do say so myself (that’s coming from a girl who doesn’t mind splashing out)



There is something about pinstripes that have me weak at the knees, whether on clothing, bedding, wallpaper etc. It’s a timeless pattern, this shirt is a lot thicker than the H&M shirt, but it is a tad more fitted, but not too much that you see every bump. It sits just below the belt line of my jeans. So you can see your tummy every now and again, I wear this rolled up and a  few buttons undone at the top and the bottom, to give it a messy look. (Sale Price, £15.99) I think.







I love the kind of shirts that are only half way button down, this shirt does exactly that, and I think I’ve actually had this shirt over a year now and still love it as much as the day I bought it. It’s a dark blue, very light and very thin material, so sometimes I choose to wear a tank top underneath, especially if I wear it with leggings.







As you can also see, It probably wasn’t the warmest day in England (if there is any) so I’ve got my BearPaws on as well. Even though it’s a thin shirt it can still be worn on those chilly days. This shirt was from the contemporary line in TK Maxx, which is definitely worth checking out. £24.99







Whether worn for an interview, casual stroll around town or moving day (which I did recently) nothing beats a good old classic shirt. Check out H&M, and Gap for more options, and pop into your nearest TKMaxx to have a look at their golden label range, from Victoria Beckham to Burberry.





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