Making a house a home 🏡

Many of our friends will already be aware that me and Cal have finally decided to move in with one another, after having a lengthy discussion we decided that New York City will always be there, but finding the perfect job won’t be, and getting the experience (like Cal) to be offered 3 jobs in a week needs to start now!

Usually I like to have time to ponder over my options and have a thoughtful conversation about where we are looking to live, how much room we need, or what location. However this kind of chat went out the window as soon as we had the first viewing of the first house we looked at. There are two things I NEED when looking for a house, a bath and carpet on the floor, and with that said within minutes of walking out the door of 9D we called the Landlord and said we wanted it. Pronto.

The house is a maisonette, which is a french word for a set of rooms for living in, typically on two storeys of a larger building and having a separate entrance. I might be biased but I have never seen something so quaint and beautiful in my life. Its positioned among other little houses with different coloured doors for all of them, and is under what can only be described as a huge greenhouse, filled with trees, an old carriage, tomato plants and all sorts of pretty flowers. The neighbours say that in the summer months they use this out door space as a second living room and eat and drink out there, even when it rains!


I love my home to be bright, and so achieve that by to filling it with lightly coloured textiles and for nighttime I love all different kind of lamps and fairy lights. One of my pet peeves is sitting in the dark with the curtains shut during the day, I always keep my curtains open till I get into bed to go to sleep. I love flowers, my favourite may be Lilies, but literally any flowers seem to brighten my day up, plants in the bathroom is a huge thing for me as well.

When we moved into the flat, it came with a bed and settee, the bed is extremely comfy and a large size so it won’t be changed, however the settee is not my cup of tea at all, its leather and black! The two things I hate in a sofa. Therefor till we get a new one I have decorated it with a beautiful soft and light throw, with very aztec style cushions, and of course I have my vogue on the couch and Audrey by my side.


One of my most favourite features is the little window bays on the ground floor, I love taking the opportunity to have flowers, candles, and photo frames on them, I used to save that for just my bedroom as that is where I would send most of my time at home, now that we spend a lot of time downstairs I like to have them on display.



The staircase is to the left over the kitchen and leads to a bedroom on the whole of the top floor. I’m still yet to organise the whole of my vanity table (as that is the most important part) but for now I have a glass dressing table with matching bed side tables. Which gives it a beautiful simplistic and modern feel. Also upstairs there’s a gorgeous round window, that’s been built into the wall. This is the original window, as the house used to be horse stables for the house next door, I love how they have kept this window as it gives the house such character.



The extra window brings in so much light upstairs (also it good to lock my car door when I often forget!)

There is something about white linen that makes your room look 10 times brighter and larger! This is why I’m so glad our walls are all white, it makes the house look a lot bigger than it actually is. Unlike most Landlords, you usually aren’t allowed to hang things on the walls, however ours said we can, so I’m planning to put a large window across one of the larger walls.



So that’s our little home, minus the bathroom and kitchen, which aren’t photo/blog prepared yet! Even though we moved in a week tomorrow, its deff the little things that make you feel homely! The photos, and candles and the messy kitchen, filled with empty prosecco glasses and bottles definitely make us feel like home!

Till next time,




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