Tried and tested products for July

The majority of my inspiration and desire to try new products comes from other beauty bloggers, and probably these bloggers get paid to promote/talk/write about a certain brand. Also, the stack of magazines I buy each month and online/tv advertisements pushes me to buy products to try out. Some of the time these products might not do exactly what it says it should do, and then those products that don’t get spoke about often are sometimes the better option.

Heres a few of the ones that I’ve bought this month, and my honest opinion about them 🙂

1, St Tropez, Gradual Tan In Shower – I first bought this product in NYC, I bought a mini travel size first to try it out before I bought to 200ml bottle. At first I didn’t think too much of it, I know the bottle says gradual but christ almighty, I’d expect after the 6th application I would see something? Therefore if you’re wanting a tan in the next 2/3 days I don’t recommend this, however if you a have patience (unlike me) then this is great, I love the fact that you can apply it in the shower, so you don’t have to do the fiddling around rubbing it on your legs sat on your bedroom floor, and then having to wait ages for it to dry before putting on clothes or getting into bed….blah blah blah, absoluely ballache! With this product you get in the shower, you wash your hair and body, shave or whatever else you want to do (lol) then you turn the shower off, apply this all over, or just your legs? or just your arms? it’s totally up to you. You wait 3 minutes (or longer if you’re a little dare-devil) turn the shower back on and rinse it all off. Ta Daaaaaaa. Done! Last night I applied a dolopping of the stuff, I went in the shower, washed my face etc, switched off the shower, layered myself in it, shouted to Cal to set a timer for 3 minutes, and then I stood there, freezing cold with a glass of prosecco somehow this time the 3 miutes went rather fast. This morning, I’ve noticed a glow on my legs and arms. Woop.


2, Botanics by Boots Radiance Cream – As you can probably tell from other blogs I’ve written, I ADORE makeup, I love everything about it, I love applying it, I love experimenting with it and really splashing out on it. However I also love those days where I don’t wear any makeup. They are becoming more frequent as well. Hair hanging down naturally and no makeup, BUT I always prep my face. First I wash, tone, moisturise, and apply eye cream, but then I’m always left wanting a little bit of a glow or shine. But not a lot of coverage (as that would defy the whole point of a makeup free day!) I came across Boots own brand called Botanics, they do a lot of different products from creams to soaps etc. I found a radiance cream, that isn’t a primer, which leaves me a glow to my face, its obvious I don’t have makeup on, but I still look fresh like a daisy 😀


3, Kiko Makeup Setting Spray – This sort of product is getting more popular each day, and I found one I really liked when I was in Sephora from Tatcha, however I found it in America and I can’t seem to find it anywhere in UK. I went into Kiko the other day for a little onder and found that they do their own bottle. Well I don’t think I’m going to recommend this one as when I sprayed it on my face I felt like I was inhaling hairspray, and I was hoping for a dewy finish which I didn’t receive, however I suppose it does do the job with leaving my makeup on a bit longer. However for some reason I’m just not feeling it.But then again it is only Kiko, there is only so much we can expect.


4, Loreal Studio/pro Curve it Curl Mousse – I posted about this the other day because I couldn’t contain my excitement about it. When it comes to mousse I’m always a bit hesitant as if its done wrong, it can be total mess. However I love this product, I haven’t straightened my hair in nearly 3 years now, and I’ve realised how my hair has a little natural wave in it, when combined with this mousse it really hightlights it. I put a little ball of the mousse in my hands, mix it together and then scrunch at the bottle, upwards. I’m than left with a natural looking wave and it holds all day! I definitely recommend this for anyone with a natural curl or when you curl your hair with a heated appliance.


5, Mitchum 24 hour protection Deodorant for Women; Shower Fresh Spray & Pure Fresh Roll on – I know it might seem a bit strange to talk about deodorants but they are part of every day life (well they should be!!!) but there is one thing that I hate from deodorant spray, and that is that most of them leave a white powder behind, Mitchum spray (shower fresh) doesn’t do that in the slightest! I use the spray for when I haven’t recently shaven my underarms and it leaves a lovely smell, that really does seem to last all day! When it comes to the balm I use this when I’ve just shaven, as it is kinder and is moisturising, therefore it won’t leave a rash and protects my underarms.



Till next time 💅🏼👄💛👑💋💄


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