Beautiful places to buy homeware, that you might not have thought about! 🏡 ðŸ‘‘

Since moving into a new home, and being a more of a mature adult this time around (debatable) I’ve not wanted to fill my little home with cheap, tacky items. I’m a firm believer in saving money to buy one beautiful thing rather than spending money on loads of cheaper things. However I’m not saying that there are some great stuff to be found in the likes of B&M and Home bargains! Don’t get me wrong, but sometimes you should get certain items from else where. Now for detergents, kitchen towels, things to clean the loo with, and fairy washing up liquid, B&M is the place to go, for sure!

But when it comes to bedding, candles, cushions and occasional furniture etc, I stay clear and branch out on my money a bit more.

One place that has surprised me is Zara Home, I first clasped my eyes on their website (as there isn’t a store for homeware in Sheffield, surprise surprise) by going through other bloggers online, searching for any hauls they did about their home, and on the list of many things was Zara Home. And OH MY GOODNESS, there are some BEAUTIFUL things. Their stuff looks as if its to die for, don’t get me started on their bedding range. The theme does seem to be all white, grey and beige, and then you randomly find the odd trinket box which is in the shape of a dinosaur and is bright yellow! Yet somehow still comes across so classy. Also at the moment there seems to be a sale on. So I definitely suggest taking a look and quick.


Next up is H&M Home, once again there is no shop in sight for their homeware in Sheffield of course, probs in Manchester and deffo London. I got some lovely little bits from here, but my favourite items from their website are the different cushion covers. They don’t come with the inner cushion, therefore I bought two duck feathers from eBay. As I’m not keen in hollowfibre, they weren’t too expensive either, from £5.00 to £30.00. I also managed to find a gold metallic pineapple candle, which is a must isn’t it?


Last but most certainly not least is Oliver Bonas, this shop is BEAUTIFUL! and maybe a bit more on the expensive side for most, but it is totally worth it! The pieces on this site are so unique and gorgeous. One of my favourite items is actually in the sale for £38 and it’s a Coral Cactus Chair, it’s so funny and cute at the same time, and a total trendy piece to have for your home. Another is this Mint Table Lamp with a Marble Base, their lamp range is so impressive, for bedside tables, office desks, living rooms, etc. They have what you want.

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 16.43.08Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 16.43.45Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 16.45.00


Other places that I’ve taken time to look at is French Connection Home and also a place called Amara.

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