July Favourites 😻

We all have our favourite things in life, some things more than others, and then we have that great moment when we find a product or piece of clothing which we fall in love with and can’t imagine our life without it!

So here’s a few things from last month which have made it onto my ‘favourites’ list, with some being products/items that have been around for years and have found their way to me, to spread to the world. (so dramatic) Anyway… here we go;

  1. Dupe Dior Sunnies


I love the new Dior sunglasses, but for most of us and especially me right now with only just starting a new job, I couldn’t afford the real deal *crying so hard* so I decided to check out some of the duplicates that people are creating out. Some aren’t very good, but the pair I found, I absolutely love. And I will eventually get the real pair, till that day comes, these will do fine. I got them off a mobile app called Depop, it’s kind of set out in an Instagram format. There are other cute stuff, so its worth checking out!

2. Skin Pharmacy Serum


Cal first bought me this at the beginning of July, I’ve never really used a serum before, and I DO NOT KNOW WHY!  Serum is great!!!! So I use Skin Pharmacy after I’ve washed my face, toned and then I apply the serum to a dry face, I stroke upwards from the neck, it’s so soft on my skin, finally I apply my moisturiser, for the day or night. This is the first serum I’ve used but I can’t to try out more!!!!

3. Sterling Silver Thumb Ring


I bought this ring from Ebay, with the intention of it being on my thumb, however I found it too chunky, and therefore it irritated me. The other ring on my right hand, for example my Tiffany ring which goes on my 4th finger, I can hardly feel it, and that’s what I like. So I decided to put this on my mid finger, and I much prefer it. I always go for silver jewelry instead gold as I think it looks more timeless (that’s just my opinion) I also think that the right ring jewlery can make your hands look beautiful. So pick wisely!

4. Dior Addict IT-LASH


Another Dior favourite, this is my new ‘go to’ mascara, after Burberry, especially now with the LVL LASHES this just intensifies my lashes even more. It’s not blotchy and clumpy, it separates your lashes and really defines them, and it seems to last forever and doesnt go dry!!! Just what you need in a mascara! However don’t attempt to purchase one on eBay! My experience was awful, hwoever for people who would like to put a glue substance on their eye lashes which poeple are claiming to be Dior, then eBay is the place for you!!!

5. Loreal – Pure Clay Glow Mask

This face mask is to die, there’s a few different concoctions but I went for the brightening mask, which is Rose. It smells divine, compared to other face masks which I have tried, this one has a gritty feeling and is a golden rose colour, instantly when you wash this off after 5-10 mintures you are left with a rosey glow. Also it says that you can use it every day or once every week, and you will notice a difference.

So there’s a few of my July favoutires!

Till Next Time 🙋🏼



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