Why friends are just as important as partners 👫 👯 👭

Don’t get me wrong, I love Cal, he’s the perfect human being as well as the most amazing boyfriend, and anyone on a million mile radius can see how much I adore him. But I know deep down that my relationship with him wouldn’t be half as good if I didn’t have a good network of friends.

Whether meeting with fellow couples for a double date, or spending the night away from him to spend with the girls.

I’d be lying if I said that I hated a chilled night in on the settee, prosecco in hand, period drama on the box and Cal at my side, however sometimes this is exactly what the doctor ordered. On the other hand some of my favourite times and best memories are those spent with my friends, sat in a coffee shop (or bar) having a giggle and catching up.


All my life I have been good at finding a balance between my other half and my best friends, and to this day I think I deserve an A for effort on my part for splitting my time between my loved ones and my best friends.

Recently I have become even closer with friends from school, relationships which may have drifted around the time of us all going off to Uni, especially with them studying in different cities. But God had his plan and it seems difficult times and tribulations in our personal lives have brought us closer again, and therefore creating a real special relationship.



I don’t want to make this a statistical blog as I don’t think you can work out a number of hours you should spend with your friends and then have to stick to it – so consequently you’re a good friend because you’ve spent 6.5 hours during the week with the girls. No no no, it should just go with the flow, you should just find yourself spending time with the girls generally without having to think too much about it. I hugely believe that girlie time is just as important as lad time (if not more important LOL) there’s certain banter you can but don’t want to have with your boyf about and therefore you need to unload on that lucky friend of yours 👍🏼



After all, you do say ‘BFF’ for a reason!


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