Birthday coming up?….

Don’t know what you want to ask for? Here’s a little baby list prepared so you don’t have to worry your little baby head 😘

🚫!!!!WARNING!!!!🚫 – you will not find anything remotely to do with Playstation/Xbox, games (basically anything geeky) trucks, trains, planes, gift vouchers, CDS…DVDS, computer related, work clothes or stationary.

  1. Million Dollar Moisturiser from Lush


I first clasped my eyes on this particular moisturiser when I was watching my favourite blogger on YouTube she was talking initially about highlighters. ‘Highlighters’ AKA – a girls best friend. So this went on my wish list, as much as I recommend this, I’ve got to tell you that I have returned this certain moisturiser as it didn’t agree with me and made my eyes red and watery. However I love the look it left on my skin, and the smell is to die for. Apply enough of this stuff and you’d start to look like one of those metallic statues that you see at the London Embankment. I got this from Lush for £32.50.

(Also as a side note, I decided to tell Lush that it was irritating my eyes – and I have got to say I have recieved the most impressive customer service, they were understanding and offered me an exchange without any hesitation)

2. Guerlain Midnight Secret – Late Night Recovery Treatment


This little gem transforms the look and feel of your skin over night while you are sleeping like a little princess, and the beautiful smell of it is just a bonus. Because I did only get the 15ml bottle I decided to only use this maybe once or twice a week. As it’s only meant for when you think your complexion is looking a little dull and stressed. This product is meant to make that dullness disappear and to give you that boost of hydration over night. Eventually the skin should become more toned and the effects of tiredness should disappear over time. I’ve only used this a few times as my birthday wasnt too long ago, but hopefully like it says on the bottle, it should transform me into a beauty while snoozing away, a real life sleeping beauty maybe?  I got this from for £20.00

3. Benefits’ Watt’s Up! Cream Highlighter


OH MY! I love this highlighter, it’s definitely my favourite at the moment, and it comes with its own built in little blender. The gorgeous little feature about this product is that it can be used solo with no make up just to boost your face on a day off from the makeup routine. Or you can swipe it over the top of your cheek bones and down the middle of your nose as a finishing touch to your face, blend in gently and you are highlighter ready! You’re left with a beautiful champagne glow. I got this from the Benefit counter in House of Fraser for £24.50

4. Mulberry Tessie Key Ring


Now this may be a weird one for some people, but it’s the little details in life that makes me so happy. After recently purchasing a new car I wanted a beautiful key ring to go on my keys. And after browsing the internet for a good few hours I picked 3 gorgeous designer key rings which I liked and sent the links on their way to good old Cali boy, I then left it to him to choose the best one. The truth is you can never go wrong with Mulberry, it’s original leather craft heritage with the simple design and that beautiful visible stitching, and then to top it off that signature tree logo on the front. This can be bought online from for £70

5. Mookua Meow and Cat face seamless Glasses


These have to be the most amazing things I’ve ever owned, only because it’s so personal. I have a habit of saying ‘meow’ ALLL THE TIME!!! and barely say much else through out the day (if I really have to) to be honest. Meow Meow Meow 😽

So when my best friend rocks up with these on my birthday I was pretty blown away. These are from a its bits, cute, little, gift shop on Eccelsall Road (people from Sheffield will know better as I don’t think it’s a chain) if you’re from Sheffield and have never been….then get your bottom down there at some point, if you’re not from Sheffield then unfortunately you’re missing out.




To people turning a year older…happy birthday  🎂 🎈

To people who just like cute things……happy shopping 😘

Till next time,



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