Tidy Home, Tidy Mind 🏡

I’m one of those people that can’t go to sleep till the room around me is tidy, so that when I wake up in the morning, everything is where it should be. Sometimes, I might take it to an extreme and my OCD kicks in. Things all lined up, clothes all put out on coat hangers and underwear to match the outfit all ready and waiting for the morning. Pots in the sink drive me crazy and wrappers from food all over the place makes me insane!

But did you know that having an untidy living space, either at home or in the office can make us feel depressed? Studies have show that women who describe their home environment as chaotic or messy had higher levels of cortisol ‘the stress hormone’ (men seemed to be less affected by mess, but is that really surprising?)

Not only does cleaning your home…improves its….cleanliness (obvious) but it’s a great way to get 20/30 mins of exercise in during the day, and we all know that 30 mins of physical activity can work wonders for our mental health. So instead of hitting the gym at 6pm after a long days work, just wash that bathroom floor! Hoover them stairs, get that heart pumping! Then have a bath or shower, have your tea and then sit on the sofa with a glass of whatever and know in your heart that you’ve had a bit of a vigorous work out! However, it only counts if the tasks are leaving you breathless, so I don’t mean sat on the floor doing some light dusting that evidently, doesn’t count!

Cleaning can be an outlet of energy and negative emotions, I sometimes notice that when I’m angry or anxious, I clean. I think it’s my way of taking my mind of a situation and making a difference to my atmosphere by having it clean. Tidying your environment provides you with a cleaner, more comfortable atmosphere so you can feel happier, maybe even by the time you’ve had a spring clean…the situation is resolved and the anxiety has disappeared? Along with the untidiness.



There’s this woman I came across online from Japan called Marie Kondo and she is a professional tidying expert (hahaha what a job title) she basically gives you some radical but effective tips to declutter your life, and can turn your unmanageable mess into a ordered little haven 🙂 she believes that if you tidy your space properly now, then you will never have to declutter again!

Apparently Marie believes that you should do it all at once and do it all now. Spending 15 minutes every now and again isn’t going to make a difference. You need to be ruthless and tackle it all in one sitting! Start with the easy stuff, don’t go straight into the photo albums or those hidden love letters from past lovers. Go for something easier, maybe clothes – unless you’re a style maven and clothes are your ultimate passion in life. My preference would to be start with the kitchen, because I hate cooking and don’t really care about utensils pots and pans that much lol. She also says you should hold an item in your hand, if it brings back memories and a feeling of joy then keep it, if it doesn’t………chuck it!

PAPER WORK! this is something that I just seem to keep and organise into a tidy mess, I have envelopes filled with receipts that I think I might need 5 years later! Which I don’t!!!!!There should be two piles for paper work ‘papers to be saved’ and ‘papers to be dealt with’ the rest can go! Those manuals for the cooker and microwave and that receipt for a £2.00 top that you bought 6 years ago, can go!!!  Contracts for employment, mortgage or rents and insurance policies, put it a nice folder and put it on that top shelf all safe and sound.

If you’re a messy pup then good luck 🐶


Till next time.



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