August Favourites 😍

It’s the end of another month, which means another ‘Favourites’ special.

This month was a good month on the product situation, I’ve tried out many different lotions and potions, some bought by myself and some bought for me. I love when people buy me things that I don’t think I’d ever buy myself and then I end up loving it!

That brings me to my first favourite this month.

  1. Laura Mericer Illuminator

I was given this for my birthday from my dear friend Sophia, this is something that I would have never thought to buy, but now I am so glad I have it. I love my illuminator/highlighters, but I usually go for the liquid based ones, this one is a pallet, I swipe it over my forehead, cheeks and then jawbones in a 3 shape motion, and then a reversed 3 on the other side, I do this after I have applied all my liquid based products. And then spray on the Tatcha (coming in NO 5)

I have the rose gold one, and I’d literally die without it now!

Buy it for £32.00 at House of Fraser

FullSizeRender 7


  1. Lush sea salt spray for hair

I HAVE to mention sea salt spray for hair. For a beach, wavy, fun look, this is the one to go for, and it smells amazing. You can even spray on your hair wet before you blow dry (however people with fine hair, I do not recommend this!) or you can finish your look with by spraying it over your ends and then scrunching upwards with your hands. It leaves my hair with a gorgeous little wave, which lasts all day. Great for the summer seasons, so I suggest you get out there and purchase one before the sun hides till next year.

Buy this from Lush for £12.95



  1. Dr Botanicals Face Oil

The craze at the moment is oils for your face, that you mix in with your moisturise, morning and night. But there are so many out there I didn’t know where to start. They all seem to come with a dropper application and they usually say about 2/3 drops each time. I love Dr Botanicals, not only the product but the beautiful little bottle makes it look so interesting. I’ve been using this for about 2 weeks now, and I do feel as though my skin is a lot more nourished and revitalised. Its also meant to be good for Eczema and Acne, I’ve suffered with Eczema on my face in the past and (touch wood) haven’t had a break out in a long time! Must be because of Dr Botanical 😉

You can buy this online from for £9.00




  1. Lancome Toner

I love trying different toners, and probably at the moment use about 4 or 5. This one smells amazing, however I noticed that it doesn’t remove mascara very well at all, that’s why I tend to use my Elizabeth Arden one first and then this as a refreshing extra. Never can have enough toner!!!!!!

You can buy this for £23.00



  1. Tatcha Dewy spray

I first tried this spray in Sephora, in NYC, I think I have spoke about this before, but it’s only recently that I decided to order it online as it is not sold in the UK, although, the FedEx charge came along shortly. However I think it’s totally worth it. If you love the dewy look then this is the product for you!!!!! Apply your makeup as normal, shake gently and then spray 1 or 2 times from afar, also if you order now I think you could still catch the deal for a few freebies included.

I bought this from  for £36.00



till next time


(Just a shout out to one of my best friends Jazzy, this blog is dedicated to you, for traveling the world like the brave cookie you are, my photos were shot with a world map behind. Just for you darling! Be safe and come back PLEASEEEEE)

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