My favourite shampoos and conditioners 💆🏼

They say you should constantly change what shampoo and condition you use.

That’s why I have 4 going at the same time ✌🏼




  • Organix Sea Mineral Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner 💚

I love Organix products, I’ve tried a few different ‘flavours’ in the past, but I think the sea mineral collection is my all time favourite! And it smells wonderful! The sea (and I’m not talking about Blackpool sea) but the gorgeous type, you know? the one that’s clear and warm, has healing powers. Sea kelp is one of the best nutrients in the world, I wonder if you can eat it? It will help repair and moisture them locks of yours – even people out there with rough and ready hair. Have a tinkle with this shampoo and conditioner and you’ll feel mermaid ready!


Shampoo – £6.99 – Boots

Condition – £6.99 – Boots


  • L’Oreal Elvive Fibrology Air Shampoo ad Conditioner 💙

This one is perfect for people with fine hair, as what comes with fine hair? GREASE! Sometimes I can wash my hair in the bath at night and by the time I wake up the next morning, it already feels greasy again. I’ve only recently bought this as InTheFrow has published a lovely Vlogg about these products. Both the shampoo and conditioner are a clear substance, which is a first for conditioner! It leaves hair feeling lifted, right from the roots. I also had to buy the matching air dry shampoo! So far so good!!!!


Shampoo – £3.99

Condition – £3.99

Dry shampoo – £3.99


  •  Redken High Rise Volume Lifting Shampoo 💛

This shampoo is purely formulated to boost the body of them locks! I have fine hair so volumising shampoo is definitely my priority when I am wanting to buy a new shampoo. I bought this one from because I was struggling to find it in my local Boots, also they do seem to be a bit cheaper online. The reason why I love this shampoo so much is because it seems to lather REALLY well, which most shampoos don’t do, and therefore I usually have to do two washes. But this one works first time! I have noticed that this leaves a very silky finish to my hair once it has dried.



Shampoo – £10.50 – Feel Unique


  • Pureology Colour Fanatic Instant Deep-Conditioning Mask 💛

When I bought the Redken (above) I decided to not go with the matching conditioner, as I had recently bleached my hair I wanted something more suiting to look after my hair. This conditioner is probably the best one I have ever used as it really does untangle my hair! I have nightmares about combing my hair, and memories of my mum spending hours untangling it! So this is a God send! And while it’s doing its job getting all my lugs out it is also treating my hair for dying it with the bonus of it smelling divine.



Conditioner – £17.25 –


  • Lee Stafford Beach Blondes Shampoo and Conditioner 💜

Starting with the shampoo, it says to only use it once a week, so that suits me fine, and it is the most purpleyyy purple you will ever see! At first I thought it was going to stain me! This is meant to lightly tone, refresh and restore that blonde hair, so it’s absolutely perfect for my dyed blond hair! And to knock out them brassy and yellow tones that sometimes appear when dying your hair lighter!

The conditioner does the same thing, and is extremely moisturising and also includes UV protection, and gives out a wonderful fragrance!



Shampoo – £6.99 – Boots

Conditioner – £6.99 – Boots


So my routine is to just use them alternatively, and I make sure I change every time I wash my hair! You have to mix it up, then you feel the real effects of using all different products. Because I dye my hair I tend to only use the hair dryer when I REALLY need to. Otherwise I let it dry naturally, and I NEVER use my hair straighteners, I actually don’t know where they are! I’m lucky I guess that I have straighter hair with a tiny wave which doesn’t need taming!

The worst thing you can do for dyed blond hair is hack it with heat, so really try to compromise when it comes to using your heated devises. Also washing your hair every day will only make it greasier believe it or not. So I (sometimes) really try to go only once a week washing my hair (tramp!) Abuse that dry shampoo, it’s been invented for a reason and actually does give you more volume, which many of us want! I mentioned in another blog about using sea salt spray to add to your natural waves, which is perfect for summer weather, which is nearly none existent right now however it always seems to give my hair a little ‘umphhhh’ when it’s needed.


Till next time!

Happy Shampooing 😘


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