10 things you should do before you’re 25 and things I REALLY wish I had done!!!

They say that you always regret the things you don’t do, not the things you do. These 10 points are mixed with a little sadness and a little authority. I wish that someone had told me certain things that I absolutely must do before I turn not just 25 but 18!

1\ Travel the world.

Something that I’ve been lucky enough to do a lot of, but definitely haven’t done enough, yehh yehh Australia, Malaysia, Europe and America blah blah blah…..but I mean TRAVELLLLLL like exotic places that you’ve never heard of before. Don’t be obvious, don’t do Australia (just my opinion).




2\ Be closer to your siblings.

Something I wish I was, I love my older brother but bloooody hell, we are sooo different, and live completely separate lives. The only time I get to see him are birthdays, mothers/fathers day, 25th December and when he wants me to tidy his flat.

Siblings (I think) are more important than parents, me and Chris have been through a lot and probably should be tighter than ever, but sometimes life (work) and other commitments get in the way.



3\ Keep a diary.

Something that I’ve ALWAYS done since being a little girl. You don’t have to be hard on yourself and write in it every hour of every day, just special events or sad things that you need to get out of your head in order to sleep. You can go back to them good times or go back to the bad times that you are finally over. OOORRRRR you can win every argument with your boyfriend about ‘who said what’ because you have it written down. MUUUAHAHAH.

I also have a million diaries, for notes, ideas, lists LISTS AND MORE LISTS. Just makes me feel less all over the place. And keeps me sane! Works for me.


4\ Pick better subjects at school.

Definitely something that I wish I had thought more deeply about, and probably would go back and change if I could. Not that I totally regret doing them, but I could have learned much better stuff than bloody Health and Social Care! And actually took advantage of what school had to offer. If I could go back I’d probably pick total different subjects….and what does that say?




5/ Keep up with hobbies you have, that you’re actually really good at!

Something that my Mum will never ever let me forget. The day I walked from the Sheffield City Gymnastic Squad. And with being reminded about it nearly every time I’m around for tea, or every year 4 years when the Olympics is on, it’s something that I wish I had stuck with. But it was only recently that I read that there is a HUGE number of girls in their adolescent years that quit sport, because they begin to become more body conscience or start the beginning of womanhood.  So to any Mama’s out there who’s daughter might want to quit sport activities, don’t be too harsh on them!!!


6/ Take advantage of what past friendships have taught you.

This is something I feel SOOOO deeply about. I’ve written a lot in the last few months about the turmoils of broken friendships that don’t last and I used to have such a negative opinion on it. However slowly but surely I’m beginning to realise that these previous relationships teach you important lessons. It’s also made me cherish the moments I have with my best friends now, and the fact that I am lucky enough to be growing with them and not growing apart!


7/ READ!!!!!!!

I find reading so enjoyable, from a Vogue magazine to a Lesley Pearse novel! In bed, in a coffee shop or sat on the sofa with a glass of prosecco, you learn so much from reading! And it also provides that rest you need from the digital world. ALSO, it helps me drop off to sleep within minutes! So if you are not a very good sleeper…pick up a book in bed, get comfy, and read away.



8/ Look after yourself.

I hear a lot of woman (more woman than men) talk about how they wish when they were younger they didn’t sunbathe so much on holidays, or didn’t smoke and drink so much, or exercised more often. Because it pays off when you get older. My Mama is a perfect explain of how to look after yourself so that you feel younger when you’re older. Never smoked, didn’t drink excessively, and has always exercised. And you can see the results!!!! Trust me. But don’t think its too late to start, the day you quit smoking is always going to be a good day, the times you don’t have an extra drink, and that extra 30 minutes exercise during the week is going to do something good in the end. As for the sunbathing, us Brits LOVE it, and that is because we want to soak up any sun we get, I’m quite pale so I know that I can’t sunbathe for long. But you girls out there that turn brown very well, you’re the ones that need to be extra careful.



9/ Be kind….yeh…but don’t be too kind that you look like a muppet, know your limitations.

I’m all for being thoughtful and helping whenever I can, but I hate it when my kindness is taken for granted, used and abused. And it’s horrible to witness it happening to someone else as well. You need to learn when it’s time to put your foot down. I’ve felt used in the past, sometimes I’ve felt it from people close to me. All you’re left feeling is a bit of a wally. So be kind but you are allowed to say no.

10/ Take photos…cheesy but so true.

Something that I do a lot now,,,,but wish I had do more often in the past. With grandparents, or when my parents were together, with Tanzi (our doggy) or special times to look back on. I know we should take in the moment when experiencing something magically but I often wish I’d taken photos to reminisce.


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