Those simple tasks that we are too lazy to do!

We all know them sort of jobs which are pretty simple and maybe only a 2 min task that we really are too lazy to do.


7 things I am getting lazier about,

1/  Popping to boots to get a deodorant.

This is me every time I get to the bottom of the deodorant can, I then result to using my boyfriends. There is literally a Boots down the road from me! Why is it such a annoying task? Do I really prefer to smell than to drive 3 minutes to Eccy Road to get a bottle of Mitchum? Really Beth?

2/ Clearing out my handbags

When you swap your handbag do you clear it out before putting it away? Or do you come back to it a few weeks later and its filled with used tissues, millions of grips, crumbs and loads of forgotten lip balms. All it takes is to tip it upside down into the bin and you’re sorted. Why do we leave it till we next need our bag?

3/ Unsubscribing to them annoying sales emails

This is one that I’ve recently started doing, because I get millions and they drive me insane. So now when when comes through, I scroll to the bottom and find that teeny weeny word that says unsubscribe (small enough you can’t see it) Click on it and your problems will be solved.

4/ Getting a drink when I’m really really thirsty

I’d rather sit on the sofa gasping for air, coughing up my guts than get up and walk a meter to the sink and have a drink of water. Why? It’s the same with needing a wee, I’d rather sit with my legs crossed, fighting about than pop to the bathroom.

5/ Washing my hair

Why is this such a pain in the arse? I never thought I’d ever say this but I’m slightly glad I have finer hair because at this it doesn’t take a day and half for it to dry. People with thicker hair…how do you do it? It’s such a task! This is why recently I’ve got in touch with my alter ego and started being a mega tramp and leaving my hair washing task for sometimes up to 5 days! (oh my god)

6/ Saying ‘Hello’

Does anyone else, after a long day at work find it tiring to say ‘Hello’ or even ‘goodnight’? Or am I just a massively nobhead? Sometimes I just like sitting in silence, me and my glass of prosecco and the tele. Poor Cal, how do I still have a boyfriend? It’s literally so much effort to say hello haha. I’m getting worse.

7/ Changing the channel

Hhahahahahah FIRST WORLD PROBLEM. Ever sat watching something that is making your mind numb? Just because you can’t find the remote, or even worse cant be bothered to lift your hand up to press the buttons? So you sit watching the re runs of Jeremy Kyle because its to much effort to lift up your hand and exercise them fingers?


Till next time (if I can be bothered)





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