3 ways to know that you’re trying to hard!

I’ve gone back and forth deciding whether to post this or not, but after a lot of thinking and checking with Cal and Georgie (boyfriend and best friend opinions are very veryyyyy important) I thought I’d just grow a pair and do it.

The only reason why I was so unsure is that many of us now don’t feel as though we can say what we really want, due to a back lash, trolling, negative energy, etc etc. But there is one thing that really gets under my skin, and that is when people who are fine as they are, perfect inside and out yet they try and change themselves to something they aren’t, and how you can blatantly see that they are evidently…..trying to hard.

I feel like I constantly get eye rolls, tuts, and laughed at because of my pure love for Taylor Swift, and the fact that I blog about ‘unimportant things’ (not my opinion) like the best lip liners and shampoos. So here’s to the pretenders out there but also just the damn right honest people out there!

1. ‘cool’ and ‘quirky’ people complain that the music you listen to isn’t deep enough, ‘Taylor lacks depth’ when really what they are wanting to say is ‘Your music isn’t pretentious enough’. Sorry that myself (and MILLIONS of others) love to shake it off too…..Shake It Off! Yeh she talks about haters that will go on hating, and heart breakers that keep on heartbreaking! So what? The only problem I have with that song is that I seem to pull my neck dancing to it every time! JUST BECAUSE ITS SO BLOODY GOOD!!!!

2.  People thinking that everything is mainstream, so therefore, don’t have anything that is popular at the moment, including iPhone’s, skinny jeans, drinking water…wearing socks? Anything that is remotely (do I dare say) normal, because that would be too mainstream to wear deodorant. Not everyone that likes mainstream items and music; is shallow, actually there are a lot of intellectuals out there that are in the ‘mainstream society’.

3. Seeing bad habits as being super duper cool? Chain smoking…is not cool? Neither is coughing your lungs up. I don’t mind people smoking that much tbh, actually we’ve all had a cheeky puff in them teenage years, but smoking because you think it makes you look alternative is just plain stupid.

Everyone in the whole world have their own cute little ways of doing things, that makes us unique and special without even trying. And the pureness of that is you not trying at all!

In my experience the people who are actually quirky or original don’t often claim to be…..

Peace out hipsterssssssss


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