The must haves for winter ❄️

We are officially in Autumn, and it won’t be long before Winter arrives to stay for the next few months.

As much as I hate to be cold, and how the sunshine makes me very happy. I absolutely adore Autumnal clothing and those Winter woollies.

Here’s my guide to what you need to have in your closet this winter. To be wrapped up warm but also have your fashion on point!!!!

1/ The perfect Hat

I was bought a Burberry hat last year for Christmas by my boyfriend, and it literally became my best friend and my go to piece for the colder months. It is beautiful and keeps my head and ears toasty. Wearing a hat is a big commitment, especially in girl world. We spend all that time perfecting our hair to then pop a snug hat on. It’s either all or nothing. Hat or no Hat? I choose hat every time! I love this babe.

The link straight to the exact hat is below 👒

Burberry Hat


To continue on the Burberry hype. I was also bought by Cal a pair of wellies/boots. They sort of look like riding boots, with the snug fit at the top and the tilted top. They have a strap going around the top that dangles down at the side. They are definitely what I prefer to wear when it starts getting cold. They are tucked away in their cloth and box at the moment, itching to get out and onto my feet!

The link straight to the exact boots is below 👢

Burberry Boots

3/ Scarf

I recently purchased a scarf from the gold label section at TK Maxx and I didn’t hesitate to start wearing it straight away. It’s snug and woolly and looks beautiful with your hair up in a messy pony. I think the colour grey looks timeless, and goes with anything. I recently wore it along side my grey trousers, and woolly grey jumper and my Pull and Bear coat and I thought the combination looked fabulous (if I do say so myself) matching grey and also all white is such a sophisticated combination (white looks VERY Parisian, maybe save this for spring though).



Leather jackets are just life! My favourite leather jacket is from Zara and was a reasonable price. And I was only saying yesterday to Cal how I wish they were still selling this coast so I could get the exact same one.. The beige leather just fashions up any outfit. And turns a black outfit less morbid. With jeans, dress or work trousors, this coat goes with anything!!!!! I’ve even worn it over a hoodie with leggings and trainers.



I don’t think they are releasing this particular jacket this season. However there are many more leather garments in Zara at the moment which are just as beautiful. The link is below.

Link to the Leather


Super duper fluffy socks and those very thick 100 denier tights will keep you warm and comfy when lounging about the house or those wintry walks you have with the family and the dog. Thick tights for some reason always reminds me of those Christmas weekend trips to London with my mum when I was little. Thick tights can be hard to find and hard to get right, going to Primark to get thick tights is a waste of time. Get yourself to good old M&S. I’m sure they go up to 180 denier. The thicker the better. There is nothing worse (in my eyes) than younger women wearing those super thin black tights, they look so old-fashioned. And pointless.

Get shopping!

Till next time



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