5 things I’ve bought online this month

Buying online can be such a kerfuffle……however when it goes right, it’s the best thing in the world.

As I sit in front of a computer screen for most of the day its hard not to tappy tap those little fingers on to pretty sites every now and then. Hours later, you’ve bought everything from Dior and you are poor. (This seems to happening a lot these days.)

However, these are my 5 top items I have bought online this month…so far (the month is’nt over yet….my poor bank balance)



1| Dior Gentle Face Cleanser/Foam.

I have spoken quite a lot about Dior Skincare recently,  I first bought the Dior Gentle Face Exfoliant. And I lovedddddd it so I decided to buy the Foam version, for days when I don’t need to exfoliate. Buying Dior online has been my new favourite (expensive) hobby, not only are you receiving Dior through the post which is I can only describe as heaven in a box. They also offer complimentary delivery, along with 2 free samples of new products AND the packaging is just a bonus.



2| Coconut Lane Wall Art

I didn’t only buy a poster from Coconut Lane, I also bought a cute Unicorn phone case, a marble Mac case and a crown silver ring. But I think the poster is my favourite from the bunch.


Which is pretty much everything I enjoy about life. Obviously if prosecco and cheese was on that too it would be more personal. It is A4 and white for a very classy look and black bold writing.

Coconut Lane


3| Invisibobble’s

Especially great for thinner hair, as it gives you that UMPH you want in your pony tail. But also when you take the bobble out after a long day, it doesn’t take half your hair with it. Easy to pull down your pony tail and it comes loose easily. They come in all colours, and are really cheap. I bought mine on eBay, it was with me by the next day. I bought my first batch (same brand, different colour) from Sephora for double the price.

4| Supermodel Tips from Oliver Bonas

Yeh, I know I’m never going to be a supermodel, my face is not unique enough, I have boobs and I’m most definitely not in the tall category. But there is nothing like being a Supermodel in your own definition. From makeup, skincare and clothes models wear, hair tips, routine, to the opinions that these models are passionate about. This book is a great inspiration as well as a good guide and a fabulous read.

Oliver Bonas


5| Evo Fabuloso Conditioner from look fantastic 

As my hair goes ‘grey-er’ (not due to stress) it needs to be maintained correctly. And this conditioner is doing just that. You can leave it in for as long as you want (longer the better) or just do a 5 minute job. Whatever you choose, it keeps that grey/silver locked in.Any hair product as well as makeup, fragrances, skin care etc, you want in the world can be found on sites like lookfantasic.com or feelunique.com. However I’d be careful, not can you only spend hours looking, you can spend a lot of pennies too!

Look Fantastic



Till next time

Bearypie xoxo

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