September Favourites 😍

It’s that time again, (although a bit later than usual, oopss…a lot later than usual)

Here are my September Favourites

1/ Oliver Bonas – ‘B’ & ‘C’ coat hooks

I would highly recommend you go over to and have a look for yourself at some of the GORGEOUS stuff on their website. My next purchase from their site will an arm chair, it’s already on the list. I purchased two little rose gold/brass coat hooks, one for Cal and myself with our initials on. They provide the screws and those plastic cap things to protect the wall (such a woman way of putting it) They make coat hooks in general look more snazzy.


2/ Fashion, beauty and lifestyle books

Over the last few weeks I have bought a horrendous amount of fashion tips, beauty tips and lifestyle books. Some bought was Waterstones, Oliver Bonas and online (eBay and Amazon) I have got to say that I have bought a lot of books from Amazon over the years. Because every now and then you find a book for 2 pence. It might have been read already by the owner but I love the thought of re using people’s old books! And when they cost no more than £1.00 its brilliant!!! (and a bonus is that Cal has amazon prime, so all delievery is free, and its next day!)

A few of my favourites at the moment are;

How to be Parisian by Sophie Gachet, I once bought this book for someone else years ago, GOD KNOWS why I didn’t keep it for myself. Très Bon 👌🏼

It by Alexa Chung. She’s an absolute babe. Definitely worth a read or even a flick through. This girl knows what she is talking about. She is the model and spokes woman for Longchamp after all.

Dior by Dior. The clue is in the name regarding what it’s a about. In my opinion, you can’t beat Dior. Makeup. skincare, bags jewelry and garments, they have it covered. However this little gem is about his childhood, family and friends his trials and tribulations and then his sudden rise to fame.


3/ Elizabeth Arden Night time oil

I managed to find these little gems at the best time, because there was an offer for 3 packets of the pods for the price of one!!!!! I have fallen in love with them.s. I love serum and oils at the moment. So after I have scrubbed my face, applied toner I then break one of the little pods, rubber it between my finger tips and then rub it onto my face using circular motions before applying my night time moisturiser and eye cream. All prepared ready for bed. My skin is left feeling so soft. It’s also a brownish transparent colour so it leaves a slight glow on my face. You gotta be looking fresh for bed!!!!

Shop Here


4/ Katie Loxton Makeup Bag

Cal bought me this bag for our three year anniversary. It’s a white, almost laminated leather bag, too big to be a purse but too little to use as a clutch, so I’ve decided to keep some special makeup items in there. It has the words ‘Hello Lovely’ printed on the front in gold, which is such a unique little feature. And definitely there USP, all of her bags are in different colours, each with differnt wording on the front. Cal got this from a shop called Mookua in Sheffield which I’ve definetly mentioned before in previous posts. You can find some beautiful yet wonderfully weird things in there.


5/ Unicorn Car Freshener

Another find from Mookua, although I wish I knew they stocked the Car freshener here a few months ago as a prowled the internet to get one of these things last time!!!

They first caught my eye when my best friend Soph rocked up at my house from Beverly and it instantly caught my eye. They have a fairy cake spell and they are soooooooo cute! Unicorns are definitely the phrase at the moment, as are mermaids and flamingos. How can you go wrong with a unicorn styled car freshener with the words ‘my other ride is a unicorn’. The answer is, you can’t!


Till next time

Bearypie xoxo

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