What’s in my handbag?

I’ve seen so many vloggers do this on YouTube! And I find it so interesting!

The things that lie at the bottom of my handbag are my LIFE! If my bag was to go missing, a part of my soul would go as well!

They aren’t as scary as you think, men seems to have this delusion that we have weapons and ‘girlie’ things in there, and even though that is part true, we also have our life long processions in there too.

Heres what I have in mine, and what you should be carrying!!!!

1| Makeup bag!

OF COURSE this is in my bag, I have all my makeup set up at home, but I take a selection of products that I need through out the day and pop it in my Mulberry makeup bag, filled with my favourite lip stick and liner for the day, Benefit concelar stick, YSL Radiant touche, Dior mascara, mirror and obviously Vaseline.

Mulberry Cosmetic Pouches

2| Water Bottle

This is something that I always carry around with me, it’s so important to keep hydrated through out the day. I once had a skin check thing majiggy at boots by the woman on the Origins counter, and she noticed the bottle of water in my bag, she has this probably why I have goof skin, because I drink a little bit of water all day long! It you don’t like water bottles per se than grab a funky one from TKMAXX or something, and jazz it up

3| Blogger Journal/Diary

This goes EVERYWHERE with me, I was bought a blogging journal for my birthday and it literally is my best friend, I don’t know what I did before. It has al my blogging ideas in there, posts I’ve previous published, numbers, a list of bills to pay etc etc. I love writing things down instead of putting them in my phone, when I physically write things down it seems to go in my head more. Is that just me?

4| Mac Book with the charger

I do love big bags, so most of the time I have my Mac Book with me and the Charger. Whenever I have a smaller bag, I usually carry it wherever I go. My best friend is ALWAYS late, whether we are meeting for coffee, shopping, meal. So I am thankful I have my laptop so I can do some blog writing or research or just have a scroll through Facebook etc. I don’t know how I managed before I had my Mac.


5| Purse

Last but certainly not least, obviously your purse, one of the most valuable things in girl world. Not only because of whats in, but what designer it is. I once had a friend that said to me ‘YOU SPENT HOW MUCH ON A PURSE????!!!!’ that was the point I realised we couldn’t be friends any more! Purses are just as important as the bag you carry! This purse holds you cards-the source to your money! your ID! Your hair grips in the zipper compartment for hair emergencies, your Starbucks points! Come on girls!

Mulberry Purses

Till next time

Bearypie xoxo

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