I love your style

(This is not me writing all the lyrics for Drake’s One Dance)

The do’s and dont’s to creating your own personal style. These are a few things to consider;

1/ Your budget.

You don’t need thousands of pounds in the bank to be able to dress stylish, most of us out there aren’t loaded, and that doesn’t mean we can’t have style.

An unlimited budget is not necessarily a blessing when it comes to getting dressed; money can zap creativity.

However, I can’t lie, I would like to have a few pennies in the bank to buy a Louis Vuitton Twist, but is doesn’t mean I can’t look fashionable without it. Something that I love doing is saving up to buy an expensive item that won’t fall to bits and can completely transform your look, instead of buying LOADS of itsy bitsy stuff that eventually falls apart.

Something worth doing is logging what you can afford to save and then keep it away from your account or purse so that you aren’t tempted to spend it, or keep track of everything you spend and see what you can live without, and spend the money on something else, for example, instead of buying that Starbucks coffee everyday, save the £3.00 every day, and buy a luxury makeup item. £3.00 x 7 days = £21. Burberry lipstick anyone?

2/ Your body shape

Just because a style of clothing is fashionable at the moment, and looks gorgeous on other people, it might not be the case for you. I’d love to wear those strappy dresses that drape down over your boobs, but unfortunately they only look great on girls with smaller breasts. People with larger boobs can’t always pull off not wearing a bra. I’ve done it a few times with a backless dress. But any dress which is revealing at the front is a no no for me. Just because a certain garment looks good on one person doesn’t mean it can suit us all. We know what looks good on ourselves, by all means we should venture out every once in a while and go for something different. But why fix what isn’t broken?

3/ Your age

Such an important factor, when us women get to a certain age we need to start thinking a little more about what we can pull off and what we can’t. Unfortunately when we are 50 we can’t be wearing over the knee boots with a mini skirt, can we? I use my mum as an example, she always talks about if things look silly on her and is it appropriate? Fortunately for my mum, she is in great shape, very petite and looks a lot younger than she actually is, so she can push the boundaries. But I have to say, she looks her best using the art of layers! This is a wonderful look on anyone, but on the older girlie it looks so stylish without revealing every body part, cotton bralette, vest top, thin ‘sloopy’ jumper, woolly cardigan and a gilet, thin black jeans and some bear paws topped off with a scarf! Perfect for the autumnal and winter months! Ooooffffttt 👌🏼

4/ Your personal rules

Giving yourself some guidelines can help save a lot of time, we know the things we just can’t pull off, so why bother trying over and over again. I know that I can pull off skinny jeans, but can’t pull off a straight leg trousers…because I’m too small. I know what taste I like, I know my body type, and then I leave it to fate for what mood I’m in each day, sometimes I like to be comfortable and wrapped up, but then some days I like to show my collar bones and wear my high booties. It all depends on the weather and how daring I am that day. And then we have our own personal quirky rules. For example, when I have my hair up, I like to have a scarf around my neck (kind of like a security blanket, for the fashion world), when I’m going ‘out out’ I like to have watching underwear, when I wear leggings or sports leggings I like to have a long vest top covering my bottom. This might sound ridiculous to other people, but it’s a personal preference. We all have them.

4/ Your unique mark

A signature is like a rule, but its more permanent and noticeable, it’s just a part of your look that’s consistant, so it starts to define you, makes you stand out and becomes part of your fashion identity.

I agree with this completely. Someone said to me a few weeks ago, that they associate a black choker necklace with me as I try to incorporate it with my look. Even my boss at work comments on it.

I can always guarantee a friend of mine is wearing lipstick, or another friend of mine will always opt for a floaty/lace top. You begin to notice people’s traits. And it’s not necessarily done on purpose, they are drawn to their own look without realising!

Leave a comment below if you know or have been told what your unique mark is.

Till next time

Bearypie xoxo

(References from the book ‘I ❤️ your Style’ by Amanda Brooks


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