The perfect Autumnal outfit for the perfect date ðŸ‚

I dislike the cold, however…I love those crisp Autumn days when the sun is low, its freezing cold outside, but you’re wrapped up in your favourite jumper, hat and coat!

My and Cal’s anniversary was in September and one of my prezzies was to see Ghost the musical in Oxford.

So on Saturday me and Cal got ready to go to Oxford for the day and have a little sing-song along side Sarah Harding (who was playing Molly).

I’ve never been to Oxford before but I already know that it is a beautiful city, so to keep up with the theme Cal and I decided to go ‘none trampy’ as we call it. (usually our weekends consist of full trampy attire) So actually getting up, having a shower and applying makeup on a Saturday is out of the ordinary for me of late.

I wanted to have the perfect outfit for the perfect date.


Hat & Scarf

YAY! Finally woolly and fedora hat’s are back again for the next few months. I love hats so much, my mum even says I have a ‘hat head’ (it’s a compliment I’m sure).

I wore my grey Vince Camuto fedora hat, there’s something about this hat that I adore, I love the colour grey, so effortless yet so stylish. The contrast with my light hair works well. Especially with the grey scarf with a purple strip sets the tone for Autumn. 


My dress is from All Saints, I bought it for my birthday a few years ago, and I don’t often get chance to wear it, so I brought it out of the closest for this occasion. It has a fabric woolly back and then the front has two layers of material, the bottom layer has a flower pattern and then a back transparent layer over the top. It feels utterly beautiful, and isn’t figure hugging, so you can relax a bit. 


With the dress having short sleeves and me being the ice queen that I am I knew I needed to have a jumper on over my dress. I opted for my beige Gap jumper, It’s super cosy and soft and has a similar neck line to the dress, so it worked. And I’m blinking glad I wore it because it was sooooo cold Saturday night in Oxford, my little toes nearly dropped off!


 My dad bought me this coat from Zara, and I have a massive love affair with it. It’s perfect for wearing over a dress as its mid length, the burnt caramel/beige colour is so so beautiful in the Autumn air. So perfect with the similar coloured jumper and is brilliant to be an extra layer for those cold days.


My dad also bought me my booties (he’s a secret fashion guru obviously) these little bootie heels are from H&M. I love to wear a pair of heels when I can as I am quite short but the fact that they are boots aswell so my feet can be kept warm is just a bonus. They go with jeans/work trousers/ dresses and tights, they are so universal. And perfect to finish off my look for the day. As a side note, for those who are scared of wearing heels all day, they are very easy to walk in and don’t hurt your feet at all.


Ghost the musical is definitely worth seeing, the singing was incredible and there was a lot of humor which I wasn’t expecting. We also decided to eat at Jamie Oliver’s Italian restaurant and in Cal’s words ‘was the best chicken I’ve ever had’. It was a glorious little day out to celebrate as well as to spend some quality time together. It’s so important to re-connect once in a while and enjoy the time you have off work. We spend more of our time at work than at home, so those weekends are sacred.

Till next time

Bearypie xoxo

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