L’Oreal: tried and tested

There’s been a few products recently that I’ve bought which have been on my list for a while, so I’ve been waiting till I had them all to ‘try and test’ them for you.

They are all L’Oreal, who are absolutely killing it at the moment!

I love my high brand cosmetics, and once I go there, I don’t look back, but a lot of bloggers I follow have been using high street products recently, not because they have too, but because they are preferring them and L’Oreal being the one that comes up the most.

1/ L’Oreal Studio Pro – Heat It

I’ve spoken about the L’Oreal Studio Pro range before, (read here) I don’t straighten my hair so I don’t tend to use a lot of heat defense products. The only time I would use it is when I am drying my hair, I try to air dry my hair as much as I can, but that’s not always the case when I’m in a rush to go out. This spray is especially for blow drying, but it’s not just for the ends of your hair to protect them, it’s for the roots as well to give it XXL volume, something which I NEEEEEED! I have quite straight hair (hence why I don’t straighten anymore) but with straight hair comes flatness unfortunately. So this is just what I needed, I used it for the first time last night, and this morning my hair is looking a lot more plumper than usual.


I got this from boots but you can buy it online at Superdrug for £4.49

Buy Here

2/ L’Oreal Nude Magique Cushion

I’m not one to buy my foundation from a drug store, but I have heard a lot of hype about this little gem. I dip my beauty blender into the foundation soaked cushion and dab on my face like a normal foundation, I sometimes use it on its own or along side another foundation as it leaves a dewy finish, which is just what I want. I also use it on its own for days when I am not wanting a lot of coverage.

Thy come in a range of different colours for every skin tone, I went for Rose Vanilla.


Boots for £14.99

Buy Here

3/ L’Oreal False Last Sculpt Mascara

This is another product that I was presently surprised with, I have a few branded mascaras that I’d never want to steer away from, such as the Burberry Bold Lash mascara or Dior Addict IT-Lash. But this one, for just £9.99 I can’t fault it. It definitely is for someone who wants more visible lashes, and a build up, but it curls and lengthens my lashes really well, especially for someone with straight flat eyelashes like me! Top marks.


Boots for £9.99

Buy Here

4/ L’Oreal Pure Clay Face Masks

Now I’ve already used one of these for months, the Glow Mask, which is a rose colour and smells incredible, I’ve used this all over my face for a brighten and exfoliant masks. I really love using it, and you can use it as much as you want. Therefore I decided to get the two other masks that complete the collection, Pure Clay Detox Charcoal and Pure Clay Purity. The enriched black charcoal acts as a magnet to bring any impurities to the surface of the skin, the Purity mask is enriched with Eucalyptus extract, and this is known for its purifying properties. The Glow mask is apparently made with red algae which is known for its brightening impurities, it smells absolutely beautiful, I’ve heard before how good algae is for your skin, but I didn’t realise it smells so amazing. There must be something else in the pot that gives off such an amazing scent. So what I do with the masks is shown below. I put each mask in the areas I need them most. I usually tend to run a bath, wash my face while I am waiting, apply the masks, and then leave it on for as long as I like while I am relaxing in a very hot bath.

I bought all of these for £7.99 each from boots.

Buy Here

Because you’re worth it 😘

Till next time

Bearypie xoxo

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