Are Christmas Market’s worth the hype?❄️

It’s that time of the year again, darker days, even colder nights, woolly socks, jumpers and scarves, and that emotional John Lewis advert pulling on our heart strings.

It’s also become the time to travel around other cities near you to go and take a look at what the Christmas Markets they have to offer, but how many of us actually buy anything? Do you go to just drink Bailey’s and hot chocolates, and to wonder the stalls while carols are being played? Or do you actually buy some tree ornaments, and some gift for a distant relative?

Are they just like any other market, but in a colder environment?

Manchester? Leeds? York? Most cities these days host a Christmas market, and I think I’ve only been to one, and that was yesterday.

Chatsworth Christmas Market 2016, see the thing is I LOVE Chatsworth any time of the year anyway, with the Christmas market being there it just made it about 10 times more busier (which I couldn’t even imagine that place getting busier than it usually is) Anyone who tackles this on a SaturdaySunday must have the patience of a saint, because we went on a very dreary Tuesday and it was safe to say they must be raking in the pennies!

However…..I thoroughly enjoyed it, yes things were extremely over priced, with the additional parking price increasing by 75% (apparently, according to Cal) you can’t go there to not send a penny because just to park on a muddy piece of grass is £5.00.

We made the rookie mistake of not getting cash out before hand, but all was well as they had portaloos style cash machines, so that encouraged us more to spend money. Now I adore cheese so I wasn’t leaving without some crumbly cheese (Cheshire being my ultimate favourite thing in the world) so I headed straight to the stand, and bought three different types of cheese and a big block of salted butter (can’t quite believe three years ago before meeting Cal I hated butter). We had the brie I purchased last night with some crackers and I’ve got to admit it was bbeeaaautifull! We wandered around the rest of the stalls, and yes there were some overpriced crap, even for Chatsworth, but then again we did come across some cute little pieces (and bought something for a friend, who might read the blog so I can’t go into too much detail) and then not leaving before having a hot dog, oh and some roasted chestnuts.


There were an array of different stalls, from Artisan oils, to socks, leather handmade bags, sweets etc etc, and the best thing of all….a champagne trailer! YES YES YES, painted in the most beautiful peach/pink colour, serving champagne…however in plastic flutes, at £10 a pop (excuse the pun). I walked away (or you could say dragged away by Cal) as he reminded me I’ll be having enough of that in Paris on Christmas Day.


So all in all I have to recommend Chatsworth’s Christmas Market, although I’d do it on a week day if you can, and I highly recommend having the roasted chestnuts, YUM.

Have a goodun’

Bearypie xoxo

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