I’ve never been one to buy clothes online, however the last few months it has been a god send, and especially around the Christmas period, I just can not be bothered trekking to Meadowhall after work, and I don’t think I’d be seen alive there on Saturday or Sunday. So this where shopping online becomes your new best friend.

The thing I love most about ASOS, is that they do free returns, which a lot of places don’t include. This means you can buy things that you are unsure about and simply return them free of charge, also if you spend over £100 (which isn’t hard to do) then it’s free delivery and next day delivery. Another deal they have is ASOS premium, this is where you pay £9.95 and you get free delivery on anything all year around. Bonus.

I’ve added Zara on here too, because I wanted to show you a contrast of online shopping. Zara charge for delivery, unless you have it delivered to a chosen store (nearest for me being Meadowhall) and I would imagine its a bit of a ball ache to return too. However, I was lucky this week as my boyfriend was off work, so I got him to drive all the way to the shop for me and collect my purchase (soz Cal) this is when online shopping is not always the best. Some online shops are just better than others.

Anyway let’s get started.

1/ Tulle Skirt (ASOS)

I bought this originally from ASOS, but it’s actually a Boohoo piece. I love the feeling of a princess skirt especially in nude. Gorgeous. Also, I think Tulle skirts can be just as good in Summer as in Winter. I bought this skirt for Christmas Eve. It’s so christmassy and Parisian. This was from the petit section and is £20.00 which is super reasonable. And to be quite honest looks exactly like it does in the photo!

Buy Here


2/ Black wrapped Crop Top (ASOS)

To go with the skirt, I wanted a top that matched but also keeps me warm, that’s why I opted for the long sleeves and not high neck, as it’s going to be quite cold in Paris I’m guessing. This top fits quite snug and has two ties at each side that wraps around your midriff and then can be tied in a bow at the front or back, depending on what you prefer. This is an ASOS product and was £16.00, but doesn’t have to be worn with just the skirt, but high wasted jeans etc.

Buy Here


3/ Metallic Cross Body Bag (Zara)

This is my new favourite thing, and I’m dying to use it but waiting specially for Paris. One thing that I am trying really hard to get out the habit of is carrying large bags EVERYWHERE, I’ve always been a big fan of big bags, because I’ll admit I do carry a lot around with me everyday. However in Paris what else do I need other than my phone, lipstick? Cal’s buying isn’t he? So I wont need any purse! Lol

I don’t know whether it’s since moving into a smaller home or what, but I’m starting to live very simplistically. Taking no bag when I really don’t need to, and wearing clutches and cross body bags when I do need to take a bag.

At such a great price, £29.99, silver, beautiful lock detail and black and pink strap. There are soooooo many to choose from in Zara at the moment, I had it down to about six different ones, but went with this one in the end. And I don’t think I’ve made a bad decision!

Buy Here


4/ Off Should Sweat Dress with Nibbles (ASOS)

I love this new fashion we are moving onto, wearing distressed, nibbled at clothing, whether it being our jeans, tops or jumpers. I think it will be around for a while. Therefore I bought a nibbled at oversize jumper to wear as a dress and with over the knee boots. However I did buy an 8 and it seemed a bit too over sized therefore I’ve used the free returns to exchange for a 6. I bought this dress for £28.00 (hence why I don’t have the real picture of it)

Buy Here


5/ Backless Black Dress (Zefinka)

Zefinka is a website I came across when searching for a jumper that I saw Kylie Jenner wear a few weeks ago, I came across an American based website with the cutest little dress. So I decided to get in early and order it for Christmas day. It comes in grey and pink as well as black. I also have the perfect red Kurt Giegers to match. The material is really heavy and thick, even though it is backless, I’ll have to suck it up and deal with being cold! It ties with a little bow around the back of the neck which is attention to detail that I love.

This website also offers free worldwide shipping. YAY

$39.99 = £32.10

Buy Here

Happy Shopping

Bearypie xoxo


3 thoughts on “ASOS, ZARA, BOOHOO, ZEFINKA haul

    1. Yes I believe so with my experiences. But if you need some extra confidence. Check out Patricia Bright’s YouTube page. She does a whole video on the stuff she bought.


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