What I have learned recently that have been the most important lessons in life.

Everyone is different, therefore we all individually have different things in life that are more important to us. that other people wouldn’t think twice about.

I don’t know if it’s the Christmas spirit or if I’ve totally had a change of heart but last month and the beginning of November have brought a different set of feelings to the surface. What really matters? What do I need to prioritise? And what do I really need to stop worrying about?

I read an article the other day online that says that blogging doesn’t need to be a source of income (even though I would love it to be) and some of the posts I write probably help me personally more than the people that read them. Blogging seems to have become a great output to get rid of negative emotions for me. From what I adore in life, beauty, fashion, products etc to daily lifestyle tips. Just a bundle of emotions inside of me that I want to shout from the mountain tops I then put into writing instead and press publish.

I want to write all of the things I’ve learned so recently so that I don’t forget about how much joy they bring and so that I encourage other people to ponder about the same.


Cuddles aka Cali cuddles

I’ve always been a cuddlier, mum says I was made for cuddles. I do enjoy a good old cuddle….but with the right person haha. And actually when it comes to bed time I enjoy my space. But those cuddles on the sofa or those ‘hello’ hugs after a long hard day are just to die for. We all should hug the people we love, it shows so much endearment, but if you don’t like hugs, then don’t do it at all, I don’t want any old sloppy hug with a pat on the back, NOOOOO. My cuddles with Cal are what get me through the day, I sometimes get so excited to go home after work and have a cuddle, it makes me feel safe and loved. And they are free, no money needed to show and feel the love.


Loving people we love and not caring about people we don’t

I had this discussion with my best friend the other day, I’ve come to this realisation that I really LOVE the people I love, but I equally dislike the people I don’t like. Is that bad? I would run through fire and take a bullet for my mum and dad, Cali and my best friends. But when it comes to other people outside my circle I really don’t give a rats ass lol. Not that I’m unkind and nasty to people for no reason. It’s just that I’ve come to notice that you can’t be a doormat for people, that time you spend to make sure they are okay and happy is wasted and usually gets you no where but used. I take all that energy that I used the people who took it for granted and I give it to the people that really mean something to me.  As we get older time seems to go so much faster and we seem to generally just have less of it, and so our time for people takes a huge hit, and then unfortunately we start to prioritise people over others. It’s not a bad thing, it’s just how it is. It’s only bad if we choose to focus our attention on the wrong people.


Learning to say sorry

Something that I’ve noticed I struggle to do. I never thought of myself as someone who can’t own up to bad decisions and mistakes that I’ve made, but I really am that person! Something happened recently that I know for sure was my wrong doing. And once I had come around to realising that I messed up it was a weight of my shoulders to say sorry, and to really mean it. It’s so hard to say sorry for something when you really think you aren’t in the wrong. Although looking from the other side of the argument, I don’t just say sorry for the sake of it, so when I do, you know I really mean it.


Keeping a healthy mind as well as body

I’ve been driving myself mad recently staying up at night and waking up worrying and down in the morning’s about the way I look and if I am looking the best that I possibly can. However the worrying about this has become more of a problem than the actual problem itself.With Christmas around the corner and the festivities starting already it’s hard to say no to that extra glass of prosecco or not have a Christmas bun at work with your cuppa tea.  I’ve managed to put together a plan for the next few weeks which includes less alcohol during the week and more swimming along with a few other do’s and don’t’s. At least till Christmas anyway! This has put my mind at rest that I am doing something about what I am worrying about, just like ticking another box.

Till Next Time

Bearypie xoxo


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