Got to look good eating all that food on Christmas Day

Yes I have decided to be super duper strict and diet before Christmas day, I feel like I’ve gone mad….however I decided to eat well and drink less on the build up to Christmas and then enjoy myself thoroughly in Paris and London for Christmas. So for the last 3 weeks I have stuck to my own personal diet.

1/ Absolutely no drinking during the week

I try and save it for the weekends and that’s only if I really want a glass of bubbly, I don’t like a spirits or fizzy drinks, mulled wine, wine in general, beer etc, my biggest weakness is Prosecco. So there’s a NO Prosseco rule at home at the moment, much to my dismay. If on a Friday or Saturday I fancy a drink then that’s okay, in moderation. And then back off it on Sunday .

2/ No snacking.

And I mean at all, at work, at home, just sticking to breakfast, lunch and dinner, and nothing in between. Snacking, especially at night time is the worst thing you can do. I’ll include fruit like oranges/apples etc and seeds/nuts into one or all of my meals so there no need to eat in-between.

3/ No Naughty food

No fast food, no take aways, no eating out

Full of sugar, salt and fat, it’s something we can do without for a few weeks to completely detoxify ourselves.

4/ One coffee a day.

I hate instant coffee, so the only coffee I seem to have is filled with hot milk and that just can’t be going down 4 times every single day. So one a day, preferably in the morning to wake me up a little, and then for the rest of the day its water (obviously) green tea, fruit teas etc.

5/ Chocolate is being saved for Christmas

To be honest chocolate hasn’t been my biggest weakness for a long time, it seems to be cheese or bread that I crave more. So hopefully this should be easy, no naughtiness which includes divulging into chocolate cake or christmas cookies!

Only a few more days to go till I can devour some naughty food!

Merry Christmas

Bearypie xoxo


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