Lists, plans, set out word documents, are just some of the ways I run my life at the moment.

This may seem so weird to other people but I need to have information written down, neatly and orderly in order for me to not feel overwhelmed.

I get so anxious about forgetting ideas or important information or things that I must remember, so I write everything down, that way I can rest knowing that I can go back to it when ever I need to.

It’s something I’ve learned about myself over the years, and it’s not something that should be ignored. I suffer from anxiety and at times it can be horrendous, and instead of wallowing in my self-pity, I just do something about it. And this is why I have a plan for what next year will hold for me.

  •  I have a list of blogs to be written (some already have been drawn up and are just ready for me to press publish)


  •   I have ambitions and goals that I want to achieve within work


  • (An obvious one) But I have a plan on how to be looking great as well as feeling healthy.

 and the most important one,

  •  I am going to leave things that happened this year IN THE PAST! and move on.



Does anyone else need their life (year? day? hour?) planned out for them to feel secure?

Something that I have fought with my whole life is the past tormenting me. I try to have stern words with myself to let things go and leave it behind where it should stay. But I feel like it sneaks back to haunt me. A lot went down last year, I actually can’t quite believe how much I ended up fitting into 2016 and to be very honest not all of it was good. But as soon as the clock strikes 12am on the eve of New Years Eve I am never going to dwell over it again. It’s not worth it and it really is too much effort.

I am going to throw myself even further into blogging, working hard at work and exceeding my own expectations, eating healthier because we really are what we eat, drinking in moderation, exercising, because it is sooooooo important physically and mentally. And just generally trying to have a happier year. Saving money but not missing out on opportunities either. All that is possible if you really want it!

And I’ll update you all along the way 😉

Merry Christmas ❄️

Bearypie xoxo




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