Christmas away from home was probably the best decision I have ever made

I might sound like Scrooge but there seems to be something about Christmas that makes me sad. I love the build up, I love the songs and I especially love the time off work!

However, when 25th approaches, being split down the middle, between two sides of the family isn’t something I particularly like, and I’ve only just had the courage to stand up and say it this year. It drives me mad, it’s not that I just don’t like it, I hate it. It not pleasant having to say by to your father and go to your mother’s or vice versa, and there probably is a lot of other people like me out there that agree.

Therefore, off to Paris I went.

Apart from the obvious, cheese, Eiffel Tower, being in Paris in general, Champagne…….There is something else which took my breath completely away…..

Louis Vuitton

Absolutely dream and a half.

Even the queue to get in the shop was exciting for me. From the standard LV design to the LV twist clutch was enough for me to go weak at the knees (also because the shop was so bloody huge as well)

Even if you don’t buy anything, I advise having a walk around anyway, the atmosphere and sheer elegance is like a day out in its self.

Having gone to 3 out of 4 fashion capitals so far this year, I can see Milan on the agenda for next year.


One thing which is a must in Paris, not just because it’s Christmas, is to drink Champagne whenever you get an opportunity, there is something about drinking fizz with the Eiffel Tower in the back ground which makes it go down oh so easily. Yes Paris is on the expensive side, but this is so easily justified by the fact that its Christmas…and hell to it you’re in Paris for the crying out loud. Sip Sip Sip away to your heart’s content, which is EXACTLY what I did, usually on my own while Cal waited to carry me back to the hotel room.


Dressed up and fancy free

Something that I wish was appropriate all year around….Sequin Sparkly Dresses. I’ve had many in the past, but not one as beautiful and sparkly as this one. And Christmas is the perfect excuse to wear it.

I found a website called MotelRocks that I’ve heard about a lot recently as many celebs are wearing their sequel dresses and posting them on Instagram. There speciality is definitely of the sequin kind.

Motel Rocks

You know them dresses that you enjoy wearing…this is one of them, and certainly worth a purchase!


Bearypie xoxo

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