The most delightful place in the world and so British. 


Located on Regents Street, London, and surprise surprise, it’s right next to Burberry.

Burberry is and has for a while been one of my favourite brands, from the perfume to the shoes to the classic pattern, so it’s only natural that I wanted to go to the cafe associated with Thomas Burberry.

Thomas’s is a place I’ve been wanting to go to for months now, I’ve talked about it all year round, and finally Cal whisked me away to London for New Years Day.

For anyone planning a trip, I recommend sitting upstairs, and if you can, by the window. Something that I love is fabric napkins and beautiful cutlery, oh and top it off, it was made in Sheffield.

The cream and duckegg blue tones along with a ribbon table ready for goodies to be wrapped, with dim lighting set the scene superbly. They have thought about every little detail. Even the salt and pepper pots were something to be desired.

img_2215 img_9272

By the time New Years day had come around I had consumed a lot of Prosecco so I decided to not have an alcoholic beverage. I opted for a Blackcurrant and Raspberry Fizz, which is not something I usually go for, but it’s safe to say it was a good option.

The menu is very unique but so satisfying, the Shepherds pie in its own ceremic dish, along side with peas and carrots was to die for.  The presentation was spot on, it complimented the taste perfectly.

img_1359 img_1360


The only probably was that I barely had room for desert so managed to share a chocolate slice with Cal, with a Mocha on the side.

IMG_1367.jpg  IMG_1370.jpg


After you tip the waiter, step out, turn left and go and shop in Burberry.

Bearypie xoxo

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