products, lotions, potions, clothes and bags ect – the best of 2016

I probably could go on forever but I’ve managed to whittle it down to the ultimate things that I loved this year.

1/ YSL Touche Éclate Le Teint Foundation

With foundation it is good to try many and mix and match, you don’t have to use just one at a time, I use quite a few daily, but this one has been my favourite so far and I am not planning on swapping any time soon. I’ve become to realise that one persons favourite foundation that looks great on them won’t necessarily look great on yourself. InTheFrow raves about Armani’s foundation and when I purchased it I hated it within 1 hour of using it.

YSL seems to leave me a dewy finish and doesn’t give me a super high coverage, I like to try to be natural during the day but yet still be able to notice that I have foundation on, and this does the trick perfectly for me.



2/ Mitchum Deodorant

It seems strange to be writing about a deodorant but Mitchum is worth a mention, probably the best deodorant out there at the moment, it doesn’t leave powder behind, and it honestly does last all day. With some deodorant they wear off so fast and you can start to actually smell yourself after a long day at work, with this one I don’t seem to get that problem (well I hope I don’t lol) I’m talking about the spray here but I do use the roll on just after shaving underarms, and it does seem to moisturise well after you’ve shaven that delicate part of the skin. I hate rashes that shaving can leave you.

You can pick one up from any drugstore or supermarket, and they do seem to have offers.

3/ Coach Saddle Bag

The reason why this bag is so special to me is three-fold;

1, Coach is slowly and surely becoming one of my favourite designers, their clothes, attention to detail, unique design, quality made products, dinosaur theme and quite reasonable price are all qualities of Coach which are undeniable

2, I bought this particular bag from 5th Avenue in New York which brings backs so many memories

3, The option to monogram just makes it so personal, therefore it is not like everybody else’s bags or even fellow Coach bag owners. Not only the BCM on the front in gold, but I have a Coach tag with NYC 2016. I also was bought a card wallet (as I am going to start using smaller bags, my Mulberry purse doesn’t always fit) so my little Coach card holder is perfect for essentials – also monogrammed in gold with BCM to match.

A lot of brands at the moment are getting into the monograming spirit, it is going to wear out soon I believe, but till then….. I’m enjoying it!



Read here for my Coach Luxury Bag unboxing

4/ Lush Bath Bombs/ Bubble Bars

I can’t name just one, because I love them all (with the exception of the Lava Lamp one, that wasn’t pleasant). I’ve spoken about Lush a lot this year, even their skin care range is pretty good, and the customer service I got when I needed to return an item was incredible. I started filming on Snapchat when I was using bath bombs and sooner or later I started to see other people on Snapchat doing the same (I like to think myself a trend setter, because obviously I am the ONLY person in the world to be doing this). Yes many people think they are extortionate for what they are, and maybe they are? If you don’t want to use them then don’t buy them, no one is forcing you 🙂

A few I would recommend;

x Tisty Tosty – £3.50

x Butterball – £2.75

x Sunnyside – £4.95


5/ Ivy Park @ Topshop

I have a few things that I bought from Ivy Park this year, but I am going to focus my attention on the sports bra.

I’m not a humongous Topshop fan and to be really honest I’m not a massive Beyonce fan either. But I really love her range of fitness garments, especially the Printed Cross-back  Crop, I’ve also had a mini tantrum as I bought this for £32.50, and it seems to have had a massive reduction to £7.00!!!!!!!!!!!! WHATT!

I don’t know what I love so much about it, but it fits so snugly, keeps you in without it being too tight you can’t breath, it also seems to flatten them boobs down a little which is a bonus!


6/ Foreo Toothbrush 

I didn’t know whether to class this as a 2016 or 2017 goodie, as this was a Christmas present from my mama, I suppose I used it for 6 days before entering 2017. I first came across this tooth brush in NYC Sephora and then stumbled across lots of bloggers using it. It is made with silicon instead of the normal tooth brush bristles. An electric and a weirdly beautiful looking toothbrush, I love a good tooth brush and I do seem to ask for them a lot as gifts for birthdays and Christmas. So when I saw this Mint Green was straight on my letter to Father Christmas.

I can only imagine my mum bought this online, probably from Sephora….

$199.00 / £161.97


7/ Jo Malone Mimosa and Cardamom 

I love Jo Malone, (not saying that I haven’t wandered over to ‘My Burberry’ and ‘Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb’ – it was a tight contest – but I had to go with this one for 2016 – I originally started out with the Velvet Rose & Oud scent but that was from 2015. The M&C scent was the one that I got most comments about and got asked about the most. So this one is my 2016 goodie!

100ml – £86.00


8/ Lumee iPhone Case

I don’t care what people say…I adore this case, especially for selfies for my blog. It saves my life time after time when I need a good photo pronto. It never lets me down, even thought Cal seems to be slightly embarrassed by it I completely get in the zone and selfie the day away and enjoy every moment of it haha!

I bought this one on eBay at the start of the year – and according to my eBay purchases I paid £16.99

9/ Victoria Secret Slippers

I have worn these out since it started getting colder, they are most certainly due a wash and also I am now wanting the grey version. They are comfy, fluffy and so cute all at the same time. My feet are warm and happy every evening and they look fabulous too. What more could you ask for in slippers?

Also an eBay purchase and they are genuine.

£ 20.00 inc postage

I can’t seem to find the ones I am talking about on the VS website and I think this is why I resulted in buying them from eBay.

But this link is for the same design but in a Christmasy green – and on sale! Woop


10/ Dior Addict LT Lash

My favourite mascara at the moment (even though I have recently purchased Burberry’s Cat Lashes recently which I have yet to try) but this ones seems to do the job just fine. I have extremely NONE curly lashes. Literally as straight as you can possibly get, but the annoying thing is that they are long, so if only they curled, they would be great, anyway this mascara does as good as they can with my them. Also, you can’t go wrong with any beauty product from Dior, so it’s not surprising that their mascara is top notch.



The disappointing ones

You know them products or clothes that you are dying to have and when you eventually purchase them, you kid yourself into think that they are as fantastic as you imagined? These are few that let me down this year;

1/ L’Oréal Paris False Lash Sculpt Mascara

I’ve mentioned this mascara in a blog not so long along (read here) about how L’Oréal are really going all out at the moment and they are definitely the best makeup brand that’s not designer prices out there. At the same time as buying this mascara I also bought the new L’Oréal Nude Magique cushion foundation (£14.99) which I am LOVING. I kidded myself that this mascara was any good, it just doesn’t seem to do anything for my eye lashes, it doesn’t separate them, it doesn’t curl them and it makes my eye lashes look as though they are missing, and I’m not really into the sparse look tbh.

£9.99 @ Boots

2/ Evo Fabuloso Colour Intensifying platinum conditioner

I bought this conditioner after I dyed my hair silver, reviews seemed to be really good, but it seems to have done absolutely nothing for my hair, and for the price and the fact I could only purchase it off I was hoping for something better. It didn’t de-tangle my hair either like a proper conditioner does.

£21.00 @ lookfantastic

3/ Dior Backstage Blender

So disappointed with this – for anyone out there using beauty blenders, stick to the original ones, this one did not soak water up very well and I found it so hard to spread foundation easily across my face, I rarely us it but if I do it us usually only for sdabbing concealer under my eyes and I use ‘The original beauty blender’ for foundation.

£12.99 @ Dior

Beaypie xoxo

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