They don’t lose their touch

I have always been a fan of Ted Baker for years and year and they seem to be getting better and better with time.

This love started in Secondary school when my dad bought me a bag for school books.  I’ve always been one to cherish things that are bought for me and especially things that are designer brands. So I still have this bag, wrapped up in a dust bag which could still be worn now and hasn’t lost its style.

That’s Ted for you… timeless products.

I seem to have been bought Ted Baker items this year without any discussion about it.

Here are three items from Ted Baker which I recommend;

1/ Hanging Gardens Suit Case

Absolutely stunning luggage carrier, so precious to a point that you don’t want to use it. I got the cabin case on purpose as I wouldn’t want to put the larger size through the luggage claim due to it most definitely getting damaged. This one is the perfect size for taking on board with you so you can keep a close eye on it, but also little mini breaks to London which me and Cal do so often, it is the perfect size and also you can’t help but look beautiful when you are rolling it along.

The attention to detail is phenomenal, the rose gold wheels and artist drawing on the front and the undeniable beautiful lining on the inside, they’ve all been thought about in depth to create something so beautiful.

img_1426   img_1431

img_1432    img_1425


My dad bought me this for Christmas from Harvey Nichols @ £199.00

2/ MINACON Colour Block Small Shopper Bag

I love this design, I have the bigger version too, but this size is perfect size for me to take to work, with my lunch, Mac and diaries etc. My mum bought me this for Christmas and I’ve got to say that I didn’t think I wanted it till I unwrapped the paper.

I love how robust and strong these little bags are, perfect for any essentials and I absolutely love the list of the top Cities in the world listed in gold down the crease of the bag, such a simple yet clever touch.


£29.00 @ Ted Baker

3/ Cupid Arrows Heart Ring

I couldn’t seem to find this online, but it was bought from a store anyway, this was bought for me by Cal and it was in the sale (that reminds me, their Winter sale is fabulous and well worth a look, but be quick!)

It’s so dainty and unique to a point that I can’t actually feel it on my finger, it sits beautifully on my middle finger and stays put. They have a matching bracelet to go with it too.

img_1417  img_1419

I’m guessing the original price by looking at similar ones, which are going for £20.00/ £25.00 but I grabbed this in the sale for £19.00.

Bearypie xoxo


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