Is Christmas all about the presents?

We can’t lie and say that it’s not completely, because if everyone believes that then why are the shopping centres and city centres so rammed in the build up to Christmas?

It shouldn’t be, but it has a large amount to do with it. However I find giving a gift is just as exciting as receiving them!

Here’s a peek into some things worth mentioning that I have given to Cal this year and what I was lucky to get off him.


‘Mr. Burberry’

Last year Cal bought me this perfume with my initials on the bottle, in fact this wasn’t my even a Christmas present, it was only because we were in Knightsbridge at Burberry that he spotted it and decided to by me ‘My Burberry’ unfortunately the ‘monogramming’ woman’ wasn’t working on that day (due to it being New Years Day) so we asked to have it delivered. It never came. Which is weird for Burberry customer service. So my little lad ended up going out and buying it me from Boots instead.

So this year I was ON IT! I contacted Burberry prior to the rush of Christmas and ordered ‘Mr. Burberry’ online with ‘CL’ engraved on the front.

Such a thoughtful and personal gift and so easy to do, I literally sat behind a computer screen and bish bash bosh it was delivered within a week.

£80.00 – 150ml

Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 09.37.47.png



I’m a bit of a weirdo when it comes to looking after Cal’s skin. I love plastering all sorts of creams and oils on his face.

Us women are barking mad when it comes to all the lotions and potions that we buy to look after our skin…and men should be as well.

So I bought him Clinique’s Face Soap for Men, great for men with stubble as it can really get in there and wash up well. It also comes in a dish for the shower which is a nice little touch.


Screen Shot 2017-01-13 at 15.02.40.png



Tommy Hilfiger 

Initially I was after the TommyxGigi Roll Neck Jumper which is in my ‘The Wish List’. This is the whole reason we ended up in Tommy Hilfiger, coming in at £190.00 it needed to be tried on. Not only did it leave bits of white wool everywhere but it was so thick that I could hardly move. I’m not saying that’s necessary a bad thing because I am always cold, but unfortunately it just isn’t very practical (for me).  When walking around I came across the most beautiful booties, I have been wanting some for a long time, and initially (again) Cal bought me Mulberry ones, which we decided to return so I was on the hunt for a pair as a replacement.

These are probably the most beautiful booties I have ever owned. Midnight blue, suede material, perfect size heel with a splash of mirrored material, beautiful shape, burgundy sole (which almost has a Louboutin feel), everything about them is perfect and obviously have been designed to perfection.

Made to go perfectly with skinny jeans, dresses, skirts…bikinis? (jokes)

And such a reasonable price compared to Dior/Mulberry/Chanel Booties


Screen Shot 2017-01-13 at 14.46.52.png Screen Shot 2017-01-13 at 14.46.42.png

Screen Shot 2017-01-13 at 14.46.48.png



Coach Coach Coach, seems to be the only thing I talk these days, but it’s totally worth it and I can’t help it.

I have mentioned this before in THE BEST OF 2016 about how I am slowly converting to smaller bags and therefore having to go without purses (as they just don’t fit) therefore a card wallet is what I wanted. And I didn’t just want any old thing.

So this was just spot on, to match my Coach bag that is monogrammed with BCM (Bethany Claire Maples) for anyone confused. Cal got me a card holder to match with BCM in the same font and colour. The perfect little gift.

Coach are just bossing the fashion industry at the moment.





Ariana Grande

I just had to mention this.

As well as Taylor Swift being my absolute number one person in the whole world (sorry Cal), I have taken a huge liking to Ariana recently. Shes so cute, so beautiful and I don’t really care what any one says – the girl can sing.

She’s doing a few UK dates in 2017 so Cal grabbed two amazing seats for O2 in London on May 26th, which is kind of a joint birthday present as his birthday is May 14th, and that’s obviously what he wants to do for his 31st!

I think there may be some seats left, so be quick 🙂



Leave a comment below to tell me what you got for Christmas

Bearypie xoxo

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