Cal would vouch for this entirely, I HATE change.

But for some reason I am setting myself a ‘January resolution’ to try to make more changes to my life than I normally would.

Changes in hair, clothes, opinions, friendships, family and environment, everything!

I’ve learned that by being more open to change you are left not so disappointed, people change, situations change etc etc. If you expect nothing to change then you are surprised by everything.

I used to not even be able to do my makeup a different way in a morning because I would worry about it not being the way I like it, how silly is that?

You end up restricting yourself and missing out on so much, that you don’t even realise.


Cal and I made a decision to move house again, one of the main reasons is because of space. We are earning more and feel like we can get a lot more for our money. Even though it’s a bit of a faff, we are soooo excited. I can’t wait to get more into interior design and blog about it along the way, moving house opens my blogging up to so many more topics.

Thought Process

Count to 10 and then think again. When I’m upset, angry or hurt I need to change my way of thinking, and I’ve noticed a good way is to just sit down, count to 10, calm down and think it over. It helps myself not end up saying and doing things I will regret later.


Our relations with friends and family are important, however don’t beat yourself down about when things aren’t going to well. Everyone goes through their ups and downs, and that’s okay. A new day is a new day.


Something I struggle with masively, and I can’t lie and say I don’t hold grudges, I really do and I hate it, so in order of making a change I am going to let things go, forgive people, all I’m doing by not letting go is hurting myself


I have a love affair with naps on the weekends, but I never learn, they are brilliant while you’re drifting off, but waking up is terrible!!! I can sleep when I’m dead.

Current status: In napping rehab

The F word

I don’t know why, but the F word has become very frequent in my vocabulary. I don’t know where it has come from, I don’t even like swearing. So I am making a conscious effort not to say that naughty word, it’s not cool and it’s not clever.


I am not a soppy person at all, in fact it makes me cringe a little, but I feel like I need to embrace the love I have. I adore Cal, and I need to show it more. I’m slowly learning that there is nothing wrong with being a hopeless romantic.


I LOVE CHEESE! But I eat too much of it. I need to get a grip and cut down, 2017 is about the gym, toning, and actually liking what I see in the mirror, you have to start somewhere, therefore I am starting with cheese. Baby steps.


Last but certainly not least. (this is probably my hardest one) I do not want to be bothered by what people think of me! I’m sick of not doing stuff and missing out just because I am scared and anxious of what other people will think. I get so annoyed with myself. From what I wear, to my hair colour, to not going to gym because I feel like people are looking, the list goes on.

Bearypie xoxo

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